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The World of Eideon
Current Year
875th Imperial Year
( 1105th Year Since the Inferno )

Races of Eideon

Natural Races



Created Races

Koffek Race

Dumaur Race

Uunbal Race


Uunbal Race

General Information

A metamorphic species with extreme magical and physical powers. The species is known for its longevity but the exact lifespan is unknown. So far several members of the species have been confirmed to live over 200 years. Some historic texts imply some could be as old as a few millennia. Their real appearance ranges from that of a drake to a grown dragon. The species has a complex life cycle which is neither understood nor completely known. So far it is known to lay eggs which after many years would hatch. The younglings are precocial, and are able to hunt and fend for themselves soon after hatching. However, in this stage they are “weak” monsters and other large monsters would hunt them.

For this reason the younglings stay together with their siblings and mother which is the foundation of their society. It takes approximately 50 years to reach the next stage: preadolescence.

In this stage it would gain control of advanced magic, the ability to fly, and to magically transform. It takes approximately 100 years to reach the next stage: puberty. In this stage most young members venture and explore the world by leaving the village. Many of them would transform themselves into a humanoid form to ease interaction with other intelligent species.

Most members of the species live either alone or in villages in isolated areas. As a whole the species does have a kingdom which is ruled by a queen. The species exhibit mostly a matriarchal society. Young males who don't adhere or subject themselves to the social structure often voluntarily leave. Violent ones who couldn't be subjugated become exiled one way or the other. Sometimes these young males would band together to form gangs and commit atrocities. This has caused clashes between them and other species. As other species have repeatedly waged wars among themselves and sometimes with the dragonfolk, they have become less outgoing.

Due to their long lifespan most members would eventually chose to stay away from the affairs the shorter lifespan species. As a result the majority as well as a people they've come to keep to themselves. Living in isolation and being bored they have developed rituals to keep their members active and themselves entertained. As a result there is a strong peer pressure in keeping and exercising traditions.

The queen presides over all important rituals and social activities they are, however, organized, overseen and ultimately controlled by the followers of “mother earth”. Although, the queen rules the kingdom she remains under the supervision of the conclave of perennial mothers, consisting of elders.

Due to their longevity and power many have sought to gain these by any means imaginable. They had been hunted for medicine for supposed health benefits and or consumed as a mark of status as well as trophies.

Others have tried to capture and create a subject species. Therefore, a grown member of the Dragonfolk is extremely valuable on the (black) market. This has led to many wars. At one time the Catfolk with their airships have pursuit a dragon hunting industry. It was very successful until the Dragonfolk went to war. Thousands of Dragonfolk, airships and hundreds of floating- and ground-towns and cities have fallen in the war known as the Fire Rain War.

This was a turning point in the Dragonfolk's history that divides the pre-war outgoing-era from the post-war isolationism. For the Catfolk and their allies it was the end of their air superiority.

As a result of the war the hunt for Dragonfolk has been officially banned by virtually every nation at the time. However, authorities weren't eager to police and uphold the law. As fewer Dragonfolk would venture to the outside world the dragon hunting business declined to a near halt.

The end of the war has fractured the unity of the human nations as some saw the opportunity for power and to conquer their weakened neighbors.

Some Dragonfolk have kept their grudge and hate. As they didn't comply with their queens decisions these individuals left their nation. It is believed some of them are responsible for attacks on illegal hunters.

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