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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.


At the moment this is in spitball form and obviously will be tweaked toward something more akin to novel writing at a later date.

The World of Eideon

This is effectively a 'fallen world' style setting where at a point in the distant past Eideon was an advanced world of both technological and magical standing that was even capable of space flight. The understanding of technology allowed for a greater and more indepth control of the more supernatural elements once known as magic and referred to as 'super-science' by the more knowledgeable.

At some point in the distant past the two dominate species on the planet, the native elves and the imported masses of humanity entered into a state of warfare. This saw both sides create their own manufactured races in an attempt to gain an edge. Which finally ended over a thousand years ago in one massive world ending use of magical and technological weapons of mass destruction. This effectively laid their world low and set their civilization back by nearly a thousand years. As of the current date they are still recovering with barely an understanding of the progress and technology of before.

General History and Setting Overview

Main Blocs of Power

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