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The World of Eideon
Current Year
875th Imperial Year
( 1105th Year Since the Inferno )

Races of Eideon

Natural Races



Created Races

Koffek Race

Dumaur Race

Uunbal Race


Dumaur Race

History and General Information


Anatomy and Physiology

Generally capable of labor by 5 to 6 years old.
Dangerous to a human combatant by 7 to 8 years old.
Deadly to a human combatant by 10 years old.


Average pregnancy is fraternal twinning, uncommon is single or triplet pregnancy, four and above is rare and potentially fatal. Most are female with 5 to 10 percent being male, however being derived from humanity they are compatible with human, koffek, or uunbal males.



Environmental Preferences

  • Typically prefer wooded or grown up areas with their settlements built around natural features. This however isn't out of respect for nature and more of an instinctual want for concealment and camouflage from their ancestor's military origins.

Life Cycle

Average lifespan of 60 to 70 years.







Body Modification





Courtship or Marriage


Child Rearing

Note: Tribe - A family group in a continuous line from an original mother generally down three generations with an average (assuming an average of two pregnancies' each and at three generations) of sixty-four members before mortality rates are factored in.

4 - 16 - 64

  • Communal / Tribe Raised - Typically used by those dumauri that are making their way in the world on their own or in small groups that fall pregnant during their adventures, the father typically unknown or in little contact (one night stands or the dumauri simply doesn't see the point in attempting to form a family unit or her tribe simply doesn't believe in such). As a result when she begins to show she will journey back to her homeland or if its a traveling band make an effort to find them and then give birth. Typically only staying around long enough to ween their offspring before beginning their traveling lifestyle again. The child is left to be raised by the more fixed families or the community as a whole being imparted with their values and beliefs. Some mothers will leave behind and item or trinket for the single or multiple offspring and a memento or reminder typically in the form of a small weapon such as a dagger which the daughter or daughters will inherit when they're of age. Whether or not these offspring pick up their mother's lifestyle is dependent on the tribe and their own personalities and tendencies. Dumauri raised in this manner often also lack a specific tribe to call their own and will often stick with their sisters in a group among their clan.
  • Individually Raised (With a Tribe's Support) - Applying to both those who've wandered beyond their clan's lands and those who've made their home among them, the difference between the above and the before is the mother choosing to stay and raise her offspring with the support of her tribe/clan imparting some of her knowledge along the way. Offspring raised in this way will often join the ranks of an existing tribal family and carry on down the generations.

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