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The World of Eideon
Current Year
875th Imperial Year
( 1105th Year Since the Inferno )

Races of Eideon

Natural Races



Created Races

Koffek Race

Dumaur Race

Uunbal Race




The Nobility or the High Elves.


Composed of those elves who's descendants where on the mainland during the war, they've diverged somewhat from the Cartheen due to their harder living standards post war and the gradual 'mingling' with human populations. While not fully half elves there is enough human blood to cause them to be viewed with distaste by the Caretheen as 'unclean'. Not enough to warrant the same treatment as humans in the eyes of the high elves they are none the less looked down upon, though again in a lesser manner versus their Ketha cousins.


A minority of elves that have made their home among the various factions of humanity, they are actually a hybrid race formed from a group of elven and human survivors of the war that were stranded together for a few centuries after the war. The simple matter of survival and the natural mingling of the two groups eventually led to the creation of the Ketha as the lines between the two blurred and then finally vanished before they where rediscovered.

Due to their mixed heritage they are viewed with some contempt by both humanity and other eternals, though with the knowledge and magical lineage (the group of elves were especially potent users of) they have found a niche alongside humanity serving as especially capable users of magic and advisors on such means.

Discord Notes

naming convention: [first name] [suffix] [surname] suffixes: - poor/peasant = an - in between = ven - nobility = shen

However, some half-elves decide to abandon their elven side to integrate better in the human society. Half-elves are generally frowned upon by humans and elves, but other races don't have that prejudice. Because of that, they're much easier to find in local enclaves in human or elven territory, or in towns populated by non-humans and non-elves.

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