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The World of Eideon
Current Year
875th Imperial Year
( 1105th Year Since the Inferno )

Races of Eideon

Natural Races



Created Races

Koffek Race

Dumaur Race

Uunbal Race


Koffek Race

General Information

A humanoid species exhibiting feline ears and tails. They have exceptional hearing, smelling abilities as well as night vision. Due to their tail most prefer to sleep on the side. They are very social and observant about body care.

However, they have instinctive defensive reaction when it comes to their belongings or food. Most members of the species like to hunt large birds and dragonoids flying in the sky using their airship, or the more recent but rarer propeller planes. Others prefer a less eventful lifestyle often referred as the homestayer. There is a level of disdain between the air-faring catfolk and those on the ground can lead to large brawls. Usually perceived as an amicable species female members of the species are popular as clerks or maids or waiting staff. A common jewelry is a ring on the female’s tail. It serves to trim and keep the fur at appropriate length. Brailed long fur with ornaments are also commonly popular among younger females.

The Catfolk are the daredevil of the skies of the Special Region. Most of them live in dilapidated old world vessels floating in mid-atmosphere, low enough to breathe. They form about 90% of the pilots in the entirety of the special region, be it on the human, elven or any other side.

They’re not one unified country, rather living in what could be considered city-states formed by the few floating ship carcasses on the sky which they use as a base to build their cities. It’s not rare either to find roaming families, trade companies or pirates flying aboard smaller airships.

Popular expressions:

- “Knotting your own tail” : Making things more complicated than they really are. A lot of variations exist.

- “Dull claws!” : a common insult. Can be directed at others, but also at oneself on different occasions. Example= “Dull claws! That bolt won't move no matter what tool I use!”

- “Cut-ear!”/ “No-tail!” : Equivalent of “coward”. Comes from the time before the catfolk left the land to live on the stations. To escape slavery and discrimination from the greatly outnumbering humans, some catfolk would cut their ears and tails to try to pass of as humans.

Catfolk speech rules: - Speak in third person, use your name rather than I.

“J’kiir welcomes you, friend.”

- Using ‘Koffek’ is a way of addressing the race as a whole, themselves or another Koffek.

“Koffek are a fine and proud race.” OR “Koffek believes that he should leave Dro’vassa’s home!”

- Likewise to the second rule, a Koffek will alternate between another’s name and ‘Koffek when speaking to them.

“J’kiir believes that Koffek is misunderstood, for he is Dro’vassa’s friend.”

- Koffek do not often shorten words and sound quite formal when speaking.

“This one does not (instead of doesn’t) understand what Koffek is asking.”

- ‘You’ is not often said; rather they use the race of the person they’re speaking to if they are not Koffek. They will address friends with their name, however. Racial slurs are also common.

“This one thinks that the human is a great ugly brute.” OR “What does the knife-ear want, hm?”

- Koffek will often attach ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the end of their questions. ‘Perhaps’ is also sometimes used.

“This one needs help, yes?”

- Koffek will make reference to their religion when speaking to their kin, especially when bidding farewell.

“May the Azure god blow in your back.“

- Lastly, Koffek are opinionated! Share your thoughts, even when not asked.

“Koffek is unsure if this is wise… This one does not intend to get killed…”

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