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Dumauri Theory Building


Societal Structure

  • Aptitude and tendencies weigh heavily on where one will end up in Dumauri society, often done by observation and testing disguised as various tasks a Dumauri's mother and caretakers will give them through their childhood and adolescence. The primary goal is simply to determine if one has the nature to serve in the warfare arm of their race, either leading it or following in the various and brutal conflicts of Eideon.
  • Dumauri Castes
    • Seremi / Leader
      The top of Dumauri society or rather those that tend to find their way to the top of their respective familial structures. They are those with the wit and the nature to guide, lead, and sometimes manipulate their fellow Dumauri toward a goal or a cause. Sometimes for personal gain, sometimes for the betterment of their groups.
    • Birina / Berserker
      Dumauri with aggression and a tendency toward direct violence… even when the situation might not call for it. Very similar to the berserkers of old. They are typically raised as capable and terrifying close range warriors and shock troops once identified.
    • Serrasti / Light Fighters
      Those with a more solitary tendency as well as a bit of guile and fleet footedness, they are typically smaller and lither than the average Dumauri as well. Those with the mentality and drive will find themselves placed on the path to becoming one of the Serrast; the Dumauri's scouts, light infantry, and for those who prove themselves, assassins.
    • Diwar / Soldier

Dumauri Familial and Power Structures

  • Yekem / Close Family

    Effectively the first, second, and third generation of a Dumauri family, sometimes solely with Dumauri, sometimes with human satellite families from duopoly arrangements. Generally consists of 36 to 48 individuals. Most often units of the Dumauri forces are raised from the younger generations wholly from a Yakem. The closeness and cooperativeness between siblings is often encouraged and focused on by their mothers due to the martial traditions of the Dumauri.

  • E'sir / Clan

    A collection of Yekems, usually around a common interest, common lineage, or brought together by circumstance. Most have been around for long enough to form their own culture, traditions, and heritage. More often than not they will have a central Yekem who had either served as the nucleus to form the E'sir in its early days or seized the societal place at some point in the past.

  • Xa'ni / House

    Much like the other two 'levels' about, it is a collection of E'sirs following a common unifying situation and culture that sets it apart from other Xa'nis that make up the Dumauri peoples as a whole. Some still hold by the founding martial tendencies of their warrior race ancestors, effectively dedicated their entire societies toward maintaining a military force. Others have begun to liberalize, mixing more with their human serving populations in both culture and familial structures. Often leading to clashes between individual E'sirs over resources, human industrial bases and individuals within their territories. These clashes sometimes escalating to wholesale wars between Xa'ni.

Military and Security Organizations

Economy and Industry

Dumauri Outside of the Main Territory

Wandering Clans

Imperial Clans

Relations with Humanity

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