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  • Capital
  • Common Languages
  • Government
    Dictatorial Constitutional Senatorial Monarchy
  • Legislature
    Senatorial Council
    Merchant Assembly
    House of Lands
  • Founding
    230 A.F. (Imperial Year 0)
  • Population
    155.58 Million
  • Currency
    Sarbus (Gold Coin)
    Cani (Silver Coin)
    Korna (Bronze Coin)

Rothian Imperial Realm

The Rothian Imperial Realm, also known simply as the 'Empire' or the 'Realm' to most who call the continent home, is a vast 'successor' state to the human nation that went to war with the Eternal race over a thousand years ago. All but a pale shadow of the technological nation before it the Empire has none the less managed to establish itself over a vast area. Clawing back control from the myriad of warlords and the chaotic state of Eideon in the centuries after the war.

Like most of the powers it lives in a split state between the technologically and magically advanced relics of the past and the new neo-feudalism and primitive means of the current that have taken hold in the time since the fall of the world.


  • Founding of the first kingdom along the river Roth.
  • The discovery of a great cache of knowledge and lost technological material.
  • The Subsuming of the Sleihte.
  • The annexation of the Farraighe.


Leaders and Powerbrokers

Rothian Imperial Family
Hereditary Rulers of the Empire

House of Lands
Assembly of the Nobility

Assembly of Rhocasia
Council of Traders and Industrialists

The Provinces

Provincial Region

Military Reserve Region


A quasi independent administrative region ruled and controlled by a type of lord known as a Provis and his or her respective house and hereditary line. These families act as the second step in the government of the Rothian Realm. Day to day administration is carried out by the king, a council of the ruling house, and a group of representatives from the various 'Sovereigns' that make up a province.

  • Provis
    Lord/King of a province and head of its ruling house.
  • Provoci
    A Hereditary Monarchy/House that is part of the 'Lord' social class acts as head of province and will often control the largest and wealthiest sovereign (sub-unit of administration under provinces). The leaders of these houses typically serve for life or until they are declared unfit with each house having its own system for deciding a replacement. They can appoint or remove nobles within their realms on a whim but can be overridden by higher social ranks (Imperial Family etc.)
  • Military Obligation
    Regimental sized housed guard (4,500 to 6,000 men) and able to call up between 18,000 to 30,000 men. Larger more populated provinces can call up nearly one hundred thousand men.

Local Government


Effectively counties or smaller administrative regions within a province, they are ruled by a Baron who often inherits the position from a hereditary family lineage. However the position has been known to be granted on a reward/meritocratic basis either to form new Sovereigns or to replace an existing Baron and his house.

  • Baron - The leader/king of a Sovereign.

Armed Forces

Armaments of the Rothian Imperial Realm
Ground Vehicles of the Rothian Realm
Military and Security Entities of the Rothian Imperial Realm

Squad - Scuun (12 men)
Platoon - Forea (5 Scuun avg. 60 Men)
Company - Complat (5 Forea avg. 300 Men)
Battalion - Cathlan (6 Complat avg. 1,800 Men)
Regiment - Reisini (3 Cathlan avg. 5,400 Men +organic attachments)
Division - Ranean (3 Reisini avg. 16,200 Men +organic attachments)
Corp - Corba (3 Ranean avg. 48,600 Men +attachments)


  • Lords
  • Nobles
  • Merchants
  • Lower Nobility
  • Traders
  • Craftsmen
  • Commonfolk
  • Serfs
  • Bonded
    • Effectively 'involuntary' immigrants of the empire either acquired from outside from third party vendors in other nation's slavery trade or as products of some recent conquest or operation by the empire's forces. Effectively each has a 'bond' or debt against their name and this debt is purchased by established groups within the empire. More or less this rank in society acts as a means to provide cheap if temporary labor to those with the means to purchase bonds as well as a way to assimilate those from outside the empire. This system was brought in as a compromise on ending slavery (and the untaxable masses that were prone to rebellion) within the empire.

Religion and Beliefs

Diplomacy and Relationships

Notable Locations

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