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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.


Cascadium Armed Forces (CAF)


Cascadium Surface Force (CSF)

  • The main planetary army.
  • Primary group regimental in size.
  • Organic artillery.
  • Multiple organic light and MBT tank battalions.
  • Rotary wing assets?

Cascadium Territorial Reserve Defense Force (CTRDF)

  • National Guard/Reserve
  • Some heavier companies but mostly made up of light mechanized and motorized infantry units.
  • Some organic attachments include air defense, artillery, and medical intended to support CSF operations when needed.

Cascadium Aerospace Combat Group (CACG)

  • Air and orbital defense group.
  • In control of multiple SOM (Surface to Orbit Missile) batteries, Multi-role Exo-Atmospheric Interceptors, and planetary defense facilities for intercepting hostile bombardment systems. They also include a base security element separate from the CSF command.

Cascadium Intra-System Security Forces (CISSF)

  • Responsible for security and defense operations beyond the planet's atmosphere.
  • In control of four security cutters (sub-corvette sized starships) and one heavy corvette.
  • One company of space combat troops intended for low-grav or zero grav combat operations or orbit to surface assaults.
  • Controls up to two squadrons of space only fighters.
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