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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.

The Ancient Eras
10,000 BC to 1600 A.D.

The Catastrophe
1610 A.D. to 1800 A.D.

The Renewed Era
1800 A.D. to 2789 A.D.

The Abyssal Curse Era
2765 A.D. to Current Year


Gatefic Timeline

The Ancient Era

(20,000 B.C.?)

The Ancient Long War

(1000 - 1185 A.D)

The long period of a cold war between humankind and the elven-like eternal race once the first had freed themselves of service to the latter. As both civilizations built up, the humans more toward the technological and the eternals more toward the magical (but mixing in technology) it was an eventuality that the two would clash on a scale far larger than the small proxy conflicts and skirmishes.

It began with a centuries long grinding conflict, the eternals working to gradually conquer the vast mutli-level arcologies humanity had built upon the main continent and the humans making the cost of such things massive on the far more limited eternal manpower. Eventually forcing the eternals to create first the Koffek felinid race and then toward the end the Dumaur, both intended as warrior races to replace the losses the Eternals simply could not.

The war and its climax would extend across every surface of their world and beyond with battles and conflict erupting across nearby celestial bodies, the planet's orbital space, all the way down to the depths of their world's oceans.

The climax would come as one side sought to end the war decisively and deployed their most destructive weapons, systems that had been held in reserve in case of a near defeat. Whom fired first will never be known but it is known the otherside responded in kind.

The Sundering / Catastrophe

(1185 A.D)

Like most historic scenarios of its kind it simply started with the singular and tactical use of a weapon of mass destruction, either as a desperate act by a field commander making a last stand or simply an overeager one seeking to finally make a breakthrough. Like so many other events it was the spark in the room filled with gasoline, the singular use sparking others and soon things evolved from the tactical to the strategic as weapons that had lain dormant for nearly a century of war were awakened by their masters and sent off.

It would take some weeks for both sides to gradually empty their combined arsenals onto the other, from colonies on other celestial bodies, to targets on orbit, to nearly every population center on both sides, everything received all manner of weapons. From the veritable zoo of nuclear devices employed by humanity to wretched devices of Eternal make who's magical mechanisms could rend the very fabric of existence when activated. In the end it mattered not what the devices were inflicted on the enemy.. the result was the same, two vast and powerful civilizations laid low to the very foundations of their existence.

The Dead Centuries / Ashfall Era

(1185 - 2000~ A.D.)

Post-Ashfall / The First Spring

(2000 - 2789 A.D.)

The Beginning of the Abyssal Curse Era / The Gate Opens

Discovery of the Inferos Complex and First Gate Opening

The Cabal and the Assembly

Invading Cascadium

20th of May, 2789 A.D.

The Failure of the Expedition

12th of June, 2789 A.D.

Operation Blue Dawn

Anglo-American Union Occupation of the Eastern Barony

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