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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.


Eideon Miscellaneous Facts/Spitball Wall


Artisan: A being that can make use of Sanguis for their own uses aka magic user.

Known as Sanguis Telluris or 'Blood of the Earth', it is a shapeshifting and energy rich substance which seems to be present in all materials, lifeforms, and substances found on the world of Eideon. Its various forms are the basis for the energy infrastructure of the planet's civilizations and its manipulation and alteration through living beings into more exotic forms and forces acts as the world's catalyst for extra-natural/supernatural abilities.


Blood of the Air
The most common state of Sanguis, a gaseous substance that is present in the planet's atmosphere and the easiest to draw from for the various sentient beings and creatures that make use of artisan abilities.

Creator Note: Gas form magic! And also the general term for this universe's 'mana'. Merely breathing it in with gradually regenerate an individuals internal reserve of Sanguis and it can also be drawn from the air (albeit in small amounts) for industrial or magic using needs. If the artisan user is skilled enough and the concentration in the air is high enough more dramatic magical effects can be obtained (fuel air bomb?).


Blood of the Water
A liquid form that can be found underground in deposits and is theorized to be the condensed form of Sanguis before the substance eventually begins to solidify and grow the crystalline structure it's solid form. This is the preferred form for industrial and artesian use.

Creator Note: Liquid form! Or condensed magic! Most likely from the gaseous form drifting downward under the pull of gravity and meeting conditions that encourage the substance to condense into a liquid form. It flows like molasses, is oily to the touch, and glows a deep blue in low light conditions.


  • Sanguis - The most common term used to refer to the ambient energies known as 'Sanguis Telluris' and the term used to refer to the ambient or gaseous form of ST.
    • Sangulith - A solidified form most often found in crystalline structures in vast underground deposits, using special processes it can be burned as is for a source of energy, processed into a powder for other uses, or refined into the next form of Sanguis.
    • Sangolas -

Organic Reservoir/Source

Effectively one's source of magical energy that they draw from within their body, it is gradually replenished by either rest, not using their abilities, or by consuming food or drink imbued with finely processed Naphtha.

Ancient Technologies

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