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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.

The Ancient Eras
10,000 BC to 1600 A.D.

The Catastrophe
1610 A.D. to 1800 A.D.

The Renewed Era
1800 A.D. to 2789 A.D.

The Abyssal Curse Era
2765 A.D. to Current Year


Chapter One / Beginning of Conflict

  • Introduce the situation.
  • Begin with the sacking of the Harrell Farm/Hamlet
  • Get the Harrell girl to a safe place and communicate the situation to get the attention of law enforcement.
  • Direct action contact between law enforcement and the IFOR element leading to a draw but the loss of a VTOL due to an unknown long range energy weapon.
  • Jump to the main characters being activated and called up, some noting that the satellites seem to be going down as they pass over the region. It is also noted from rumor that aircraft sent south are vanishing and thus they may have no air support if things turn dire.
  • Jump to a command meeting with the major employing a hardline COM link, other settlements are mobilizing their own forces to surge units to the Dorvan Farms sector but may not reach it in time as some imagery before the sky sweep notes a large group of formations heading north in their direction. The major orders barricades and accepts any volunteers from the population as he evacuates whoever else to the east or west down the main four lane inter-regional road. But he knows it may be too late to get everyone out before the fighting starts.
  • REF: The town of Mitchell SD with the north/south direction flipped.
  • By the end of the first day post alert the major can see formations moving north, most overland but with the lighter wheeled vehicles using the roads in good order. AI estimated their arrival to the southern line would be sometime in the morning. Due to every attempted airstrike with manned or unmanned craft meeting with an energy weapon attack he knew he was more or less on his own. Though from time to time the roar of turbofan engines would fly low over the settlement, nap of the earth cruise missile strikes.
  • Some measures are taken to harass the approaching forces however, within ten miles of the settlement having face little more opposition than farming hamlets and compounds that refused the evacuation orders the IFOR meets their first true military counters. 4×4 wheeled armored trucks, used for scouting or general transportation tucked into all manner of hiding places. Their 15.7mm and ATGM equipped remote weapon stations peeking over hills or behind walls, engaging lead or high value vehicles from ambush before driving off further down the road and setting up again. Mostly manned by locals with barely remembered service training or teenagers serving their two years, they none the less know of every perfect position to work their craft. The leading regiment, a mechanized one, soon finds its forward scout screen eviscerated by the wretched devices. Attempts to chase or suppress with flying craft, both old technology and newer built are only met with similar fates, one flyer commenting on a boy with a tube on his shoulder stepping out from a tree before downing his machine. But these acts merely delay and barely blunt the oncoming forces.

First Contact / Battle of the Harrell Farmstead

Section One

Meta Plot Events

By this point the 'IFOR', the short term moniker for 'Invasion Forces' given by the Cascadium Surface Defense force to the Gali army, has been on world for nearly three months. Utilizing a mixture of ancient human tech and magic from their world to mask themselves as they built up the logistics and infrastructure to commit a long term invasion of the region. Aided by some knowledge from captured wanderers and a few unlucky nearby farmsteads.

For the General in charge the task is something he'd rather carry out in other ways, but the demand for grandiose large scale conquest by those powers that be and the aid of organizations that sought this invasion overpower his wisdom. However he knows that even with the aid of ancient weapons, technology, and magic the ability of a people traversing the stars may simply be too much. Part of him knowing hes probably condemned his divisions to yet another brutal campaign to satisfy the ego of a madman.

IFOR Activites

Events are set in motion by an overzealous and one could say bored reconnaissance platoon commander, having gone north with instructions to scout and mark settlements and habitations for advanced specialized units of the Gali army to overtake and capture before they can get word out. However like most of Gallipor's army he's eager for spoils and selects a homestead a decent distance from the largest population center in the area for he and his men to get a little R&R and so during the night with an element he believes won't speak of what they're about to do they sweep into the small family hamlet. The men and older boys that come out to confront them are the moment they realize what they held are rifles before they rush the buildings.

Even as more gunshots ring out, some of Gali make, others of settler make, a single girl sprints into the fields and trees shes known all her life. Doing her best to ignore the screams that follow the gunshots. Dressed in nothing but a nightgown and clutching a small tablet like device she vanishes into the night heading north. Behind her the home she'd known all her life begins to burn.

Section Two

Meta Plot Events

The young Harrell girl has trecked nearly twenty miles overland barefoot by the time the dawn comes, bleeding from cuts and with blistered feet she stumbles into the home of her nearest neighbors. Gasping out whats happened before collapsing into exhaustion, the message of marrauders on the surface of a UAS colony is soon sent off as the Cullman family arms themselves.

Cascadium Civil and Law Authorities

With vast tracks of land and settlers spread out far and wide most law enforcement on Cascadium is typically done after the fact. Merely arriving to record the event and arrest and prosecute for any notable laws broken. Most of the time however the job of the Cascadium Civil Security Bureau or CCSB was to record the frontier justice some poor soul managed to get himself into out on the plains. Either simply beaten and left bound to be picked up… or for more expensive or heineious crimes hanging from a tree outside of a farmstead or settlement.

However the report of the little Harrell girl got more direct attentions, while piracy and marrauders weren't a common thing. The lack of orbital defenses or even sensors on what amounted to a backwater frontier world left doors open for their ilk to raid and thus two VTOLs, one laiden with a light armored vehicle, lifted off from the CCSB complex in Dorvan Farms and headed south.

IFOR Activities
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