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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.

The Ancient Eras
10,000 BC to 1600 A.D.

The Catastrophe
1610 A.D. to 1800 A.D.

The Renewed Era
1800 A.D. to 2789 A.D.

The Abyssal Curse Era
2765 A.D. to Current Year


The Abyssal Curse Era

The Cartheen Invasion of the Lebian Barony

(2765 A.D.)

Arguably the events that set this story into motion, it is a bit of a cyclic thing for the high elves to attempt incursions onto the mainland as their cousins that live on the continent are rarely cooperative due to their pure bred cousins hating them almost as much as humans. As a result they must build up the forces (those Dumauri they still control on their small continent) and their equipment (elves can still make small batches of old tech but it takes quite a while) to invade. Cartheen refuse to 'down turn' the technology their warriors use, though improved versions of human weapons are typically issued to their dumauri warriors.

The motivation for this particular invasion may be the complex that will be at the center of the story, the human pre-war installation (Abyssal Mountain Complex?) that was studying interdimensional travel via a techno-magical gate. It was sealed by a direct hit from some nuclear scale weapon during the apocalypse and the lower areas of the facility where left intact, perhaps even with those within escaping to some other place through the device itself.

The Cartheen goal may have been to secure the device and the complex for their own use or they may not even be aware of it only knowing it as a possible depository or cache of ancient tech that the human power in the region is unaware of. But overall they land on the western coast of the continent in force and push east. Ultimately driven off by the combined efforts of the local powers and eventual intervention by the Rothian Realm (after Sarsella takes power, the previous emperor not interested in stopping a foothold). The consequences of this invasion however are dire for the Barony; its army and navy gutted, its infrastructure in the region severely damaged, and its population brutally reduced. This would leave it vulnerable to events later on.

The Nation of Gallipor Invades Bakharel

(2771 A.D.)

Due to a rise in the trade tariffs on Galliporian shipping through the narrows into the Golden Sea by the Trade State and a steady decline in the current leadership's popularity a military operation to seize the coastal strip of land down to the Islin'net Gulf is launched. Gallipor enjoys significant success in the first few days of their operation via both surprise and a well plan logistical base but a naval and air attack along with poor unit training eventually ground the invasion to a halt. While unable to commit a general attack of significance into the larger nation Bakharel is able to launch various hit and run raids on border installations and eventually contribute to the withdraw of Galliporian forces from their territory.

This defeat as well as mismanagement in power projection eventually leads to the overthrow of the current ruler and replacement with a military general and strongman.

Rise of General X and the Junta take over of Gallipor

(2773 A.D.)

The invasion of their neighbor goes terribly and bogs down in a general fight of attrition that in the end sees the retreat of Galliporian forces from Bakharel's territory with little beyond superficial plunder to show for the loss of men, equipment, and funds. This combined with the general dysfunction in the political system of Gallipor and how it affected the army's capability leads to its overthrow by a strongman who had quietly been gathering dissident factions shed from the various clans of the nation.

In a week of brutal crackdowns, hostage taking, and executions General X takes full control of Gallipor and immediately begins to centralize his control of the military and begins a process of mobilization and preparation all at the suggestion of a third party who has quietly enabled his actions.

Aggressions and Early Moves

(~2780 A.D.)

By this point most of the old system has been brought to heel or at worst stripped out and killed or driven into exile beyond Gallipor's borders. In its place a ruling military Junta led by General X and a cabal of generals, some Galliporian, some from beyond its borders including a mysterious Lebian prince in exile.

Like most countries on the upswing from a disastrous military adventure and regime change they where short on funds and public satisfaction and the stick would only keep their superior numbers tame for so long. As a result the Junta resolved to invade a less prepared foe, one ravaged and still barely recovered from the attentions of the eternals and their servants.

Lebia would be invaded and the tools to carry it out where soon in the field, exercises and new equipment being crafted for their use against what its leadership hoped would be an easy victory.

Operation X Begins

(~2782 A.D.)

Gallipor's military exercises never really stop from the time they began in mid 2780 to the gradual movement of them toward Gallipor's western border. While Lebia at first deployed the still under equipped and undermanned forces they had things gradually settled into something more relaxed as the months ticked by. But finally as spring ended the winter rains in 2782 the massed Galliporian forces began to move over the border along the low gentle rise of the smoothed over plateau between the two nations.

By the fourth week of the operation they are within sight of their objective, a port city on the western coast of Lebia but are finally stopped by a compressed and desperate Lebian military thus preventing their country from being cut in half with a heavily defended strip of land. Instead of pressing the attack further a threatening pincer attack with thin Lebian units forces Gallipor to hold in place and consolidate their flanks. Their own forces now stretched to the end of their logistical string.

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