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Military and Security Forces of the Anglo-American Union of Star Systems
Union Colonial Marine Corps
Union Colonial Marine Corps 'Leg' Infantry Exosuit Squad
Union Colonial Marine Corps Mechanized Exo-Suit Squad
Anglo-American Union of Star Systems
Anglo American Union of Systems
Surface Force Ranks Of the Anglo-American Union Military Forces
Union Colonial Marine Corps - Mechanized Assault Battalion
Handguns and Sidearms of the Anglo-American Union
Rifles and Carbines of Humanity
Personal Defense Weapons of the Anglo-American Union
Weapons and Arms of Humanity
Armaments of the Colonial Pact
35A15-970-N Family of Directed Plasma Weapons
FMR-780 Heavy Infantry Linear Rifle
PrB-90 'Stangerakete' Battle Rifle
Colonial Pact Naval Forces Command (CPNFC)
Colonial Pact Naval Forces Unit Types and Organization
CPNF Frigate Squadron
Kannon-class Project K744 Guided Missile Frigate
Standardized Ground Vehicles of the Colonial Pact Trade and Defense Protocol Treaty
Armor Systems of the Colonial Pact
Strikecraft, Transports, and Miscellaneous Subcraft of the Colonial Pact
Territories and Strategic Holdings of the Colonial Pact Trade Alliance
Cascadium Armed Forces (CAF)
Cascadium Surface Force 1st Division
Cascadium Surface Force
Cascadium 1st Surface Force Division
Cascadium 2nd Surface Force Division
Characters of Worlds in Conflict
Characters of the Cabal
Cascadium Military Characters
Characters of the United Dumauri Tribes
Characters of the Rothian Empire
Characters of the Southern Periphery States
Union Colonial Marine Corps Characters
Nations and Entities of Eideon
United Dumauri Tribes
Rothian Imperial Realm
Vehicles of the Rothian Imperial Realm
Planet Eideon
Koffek Race
Dumaur Race
Races of Eideon
Uunbal Race
Esune Star System
Rothian Imperial Army Equipment
Gatefic Technologies
Gods of Eideon
IFOR Composition
Rothian Imperial Small Arms
Light Arms and Submachineguns in the World of Eideon
Handguns and Sidearms in the World of Eideon
Rifles in the World of Eideon
Technologies and Artifacts
Gatefic Timeline
The Cascadium Campaign
The World of Eideon
50K1-DSA-K2 'Jackrabbit' Modular 4x4 Wheeled Combat Vehicle
Small Arms of the Anglo-American Colonial Union
Spitball Cascadium Timeline
Surface Vehicles
Colonial Warships and Naval Support Vessels
RKA-MCA-Type-3 'Kampfer' Medium Exo-Suit
Standardized Arms of the Colonial Pact Trade and Defense Protocol Treaty
Small Arms and Related Munitions
Arms To-Do List
Military and Security Forces of the Anglo-American Union
Anglo-American Union of Systems
Units and Organization of the Anglo-American Union
Leg Infantry Company ( SF/TRDF )
Mechanized Infantry Company ( SF/TRDF )
Tank Battalion (SF/TRDF)
Tank Company ( SF/TRDF )
55A17-701 'Molniya' Mixed Munition Air Defense Complex
Notable Starships of Humanity
Kannon-Class Space Guided Missile Frigate
MRB-720R Kaar Modular Rifle System (KMR)
MBL-750R Grenadiers Modulares Gewehrsystem (GMG)
Weapon Template
Helka-Alpha Star System
Neo-Helka Star System
Ursk Star System
The Verse of Arieg - Main Page
Technologies of the Sundala Starzone
Faction Name Here
Ship Class
TWU606 'Jackrabbit' 4×4 Wheeled Truck Utility Chassis
TW605 'Mule' 8×8 Wheeled Truck Chassis
ACW652 'Puma' 8×8 Armored Chassis Wheeled
ACTM-690 'Stonewall' Armored Chassis Tracked Medium
ACTH-705v1A5 'Norman' Main Battle Tank

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