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The Verse of Arieg
(Main Page)

Current Year
2789 A.D.

Anglo-American Union of Systems


Armed Forces

Sphere of Influence

Notable Technologies



  • Planet London (Anglo Arm)
  • Planet Virginia (American Arm)

Primary Species

Official Language

  • English


  • Constitutional Representative Federal Republic

Legislature and Judiciary

  • TBC

Date of Government Establishment

  • 2322 A.D.


  • 25.34 Billion


  • Union Pound Credit (UPC)

Anglo-American Union of Systems

The Anglo-American Union of Systems (AAU), or simply the Union, is a nation of mostly English speaking worlds in the Sundala Star Zone. It was formed by the survivors of the Anglo-American socioeconomic bloc in 2315 A.D. and remains one of the four main human nations in the Star Zone. It is the master of the Anglo and American arms of the Marii gate network and remains the 'middling' power between the four nations in regards to population sizes, military strength, and technological development.


The Anglo-American Union sits as humanity's middle child in the Sundala Starzone, walking a precarious path between sliding into a corporatocracy and maintaining the population's control of its own destiny. It controls four of the Marii's original gate systems in two arms that reach out into their territory and form the main branches of their gate network.

Of the four human powers it is third in population, second in military and fleet composition, and second in economic power.


The AAU was born during the steady creation of earth's socio-economic megablocs and the slow but steady death of the individual nation state. This process mostly caused by overpopulation, environmental degradation, and the beginnings of colonization of the solar system. It was the second such state to be formed after the birth of East Asia's Shanghai Protocol Strategic Alignment Organization or SPSA. Formed and finalized by the Treaty of London, it combined the former British commonwealth nations and the entirety of North America into a singular Federation stretching across the globe.

The Colonization of the Solar System

The Luna Incident

The Inter-Solar War

Exodus to the Sundala Starzone

Leadership and Governance

Due to the interstellar nature of the AAU it employs a three tier governmental system starting at the individual planet or habitat level and ending at the federal or multi-system level.






Notes and Scraps

It is the 'middle child' of the various human powers in the Sundala Starzone with a balancing the interests of its corporate entities with that of the steady and healthy growth of its society without taking the extreme measure in either direction. As a result it tends to be the middling power when it comes to population sizes, military strength, and technological development. Like the other human powers it controls a portion of the Marii's gate network with a total of four of these systems under its control, additionally numerous human crafted gates have branched off this network in an effort to colonize the space surrounding both the Anglo and American arms.

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