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Current Year
2789 A.D.

Setting Information

Sector Map


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Nations and Entities

Solar Confederacy
United American Starzone
Anglo Confederation
Ruhr Federal Zone

Coalition of Progressive People's Systems
Koalitsiya Sistem Progressivnykh Narodov

Protectorat Du Phare
Lighthouse Protectorate

Dominion of the Sanujab


Junk Drawer


Ursk Star System

General information

  • Major Controlling Faction - Colonial Pact Trade Alliance
  • Species - Human, Ev'Chen
  • Languages -
  • Start Date of Habitation - 710 N.C.C.
  • Estimated Population - 14,956,770 as of 00883 N.C.C.

(Utu 305 Sarp Sector 1 Save)

  • Spectral Classification - A7V
  • Stellar Mass - 3.36 Standard Solar Masses
  • Stellar Radii - 2.63 of Solar Standard
  • Stellar Luminosity - 69 of Solar Standard
  • Distance to Heliopause - 413.2 AU

Ursk Military Assets

Ursk Naval Self Defense Force

Ursk Prime Defense Squadron 1

Ursk Patrol Squadron 1

Ursk Patrol Squadron 2

Ursk Patrol Squadron 3


Planetary Data

Ursk Belt

Asteroid Belt

A collection of ferrous body type asteroids that marks the boundary between the inner part of the star system and the outer part of the star system. It is populated almost entirely by those employed by the mining and refining industry, this population living on a myriad of space habitats from those purpose built such as Island-3 type closed cylinders to improvised asteroid habitations converted from stripped bodies. While these settlements are scattered throughout the belt the largest is centered around the single large space port that acts as the hub of commerce moving between the inner and outer parts of the star system.

  • Orbital Radius - 137,806,445 Km
  • Orbital Width - 38,283,287 Km
  • Population - 34.5 Thousand

Notable Settlements

Kamen Harbor

  • Location - Dep 'Main Belt'
    • Composed of sixteen multi-kilometer asteroid habitats banded together by strong structures which also act as a mass transit system, it is a marvel of 'cobbled together' engineering growing from a single complex over the years as the star system was settled. It is one of the main weigh stations as one journeys into the outer star system and is one of the main fueling points. The population here tends to vary from habitat to habitat with the mentality and attitude growing gradually more shady the older the complex gets.

Ursk Prime

Warm Hospitable Terrestrial

The second and less developed of the two hospitable worlds in this star system, Faust or Helka-Alpha III hosts the second largest population in the star system mostly on its surface. It features a cooler temperate environment stabilized by its small moon, like Leningrad it also plays host to a number of industries but the focus is on the ease of agriculture and related service industries. It does however play host to some mining and some heavy industry, with its moon serving as a nexus of orbital shipbuilding almost rivaling that found in orbit over Leningrad.

  • Natural Satellites - One moderate sized ring system.
    • Myrn - A small sized terrestrial airless moon.
  • Orbital Radius - 866,571,191 Km
  • Planetary Radius - 5,312 Km
  • Gravity - 0.816 G
  • Atmosphere - 1.1 Standard Atmospheres
  • Population - 14.7 Million
  • Orbital Period - 7.6 Standard Years
  • Length of Day - 17 Standard Hours

Notable Settlements


  • Location - Primary Continent, Southern 'Central' Coast
    • Built into a coastal bay in the tropical latitudes of the planet, it is the largest city on the planet and its build around a orbital elevator base located in the middle of said bay. The primary planetary capital and the capital of its surface region Altai was the first city to be founded on Faust. Like most it is a variance of locations, going from high rise city center, to moderate rise outer rings, to the 'suburbs' and then finally the spokes of farmland reaching out to the horizon.

Ursk II

Cryo Atmospheric Terrestrial

  • Orbital Radius - 10,566,837,337 Km
  • Planetary Radius - 4,260 Km
  • Gravity - 0.667 G
  • Atmosphere - 1.14 Standard Atmospheres
  • Population - 1.57 Thousand
  • Orbital Period - 323.77 Standard Years
  • Length of Day - 15 Standard Hours

Notable Settlements


  • Location - Primary Continent, Southern 'Central' Coast

Ursk III

Cool Jovian

  • Orbital Radius - 23,218,374,377 Km
  • Planetary Radius - 14,339 Km
  • Gravity - 0.47 G
  • Atmosphere - Jovian Atmosphere
  • Population - 220.7 Thousand
  • Orbital Period - 1054.5 Standard Years
  • Length of Day - 12 Standard Hours

Notable Settlements


  • Location - Primary Continent, Southern 'Central' Coast
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