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Current Year
2789 A.D.

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Solar Confederacy
United American Starzone
Anglo Confederation
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Coalition of Progressive People's Systems
Koalitsiya Sistem Progressivnykh Narodov

Protectorat Du Phare
Lighthouse Protectorate

Dominion of the Sanujab


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Spitball Wall

'Leadership' Breed (The Ev'Chens Prophets)

Also known as the leadership caste, they were created with the intent of serving as new bodies to the TWCB aliens whom at the time of the EvChen's creations where on their last legs from both the sheer weight of the eons and humanty's rebellion. Unfortunately for their continued survival their new forms attained sentience before the majority began their transfer into their new forms and rebelled. Killing most and forcing the rest into exile doomed to slowly decay into nothing.

Their victory assured these newly created would go own to inherit some of their creator's tendencies toward viewing themselves as the master race and that all should fall under their control… one way or another. Effectively taking over the infrastructure and their own newly created species to bring about this goal.

  • Perhaps with some TWCB aliens that transferred successfully driving this?
  • The primary of the three with some supernatural abilities, they have some light mind control capability used to influence the other two castes to continue their life in service to the Leadership Breed. It has also been demonstrated they have some limited influence on humanity perhaps due to them sharing some DNA.

'Warrior' Breed (The Ev'Chens Elites)

The keepers of order, enforcers of the Ev'Chen's will, and the entity that continues to expand the empire's reach and influence. The warrior breed are a hardy sub-species designed from the ground up as a combatant and effective tool in both warfare and occupation. They are nearly a foot taller then the human average with nearly twice the normal muscle density and a variety of other favored abilities to better their advantages in combat. While not the whole of their military (The Laymen Breed make up a significant portion of it) and security forces they make up the core of it, controlling all of the leadership roles and serving as the direct leadership under the leadership breed.

  • Religiously loyal to the Leadership Breed and their religious zeal of taking control of the galaxy.
  • Essentially a warrior caste with four times the average combat capability of a human on average (some are even more so depending on specific genetic lineage).

'Laymen' Breed

The most common variety of Ev'Chen and the bulk of their population, they where designed by their creators as the logistical tail for their empire. Effectively intended to serve as everything from basic ground troops, to technicians, to run of the mill engineers. They are also perhaps the least zealous of the three sub-species, mostly just looking to survive another day and carry on their lives. They are only slightly taller then human norm and are closer to them in both cognitive and combat abilities.

  • They are the servant class of the race doing all the low tasks and are effectively the primary force that keeps the empire running smoothly. However due to their low status compared to the warrior or leadership castes they are the first to abandon the empire and go their own way and can be found throughout the Pact as a result.

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