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Current Year
2789 A.D.

Setting Information

Sector Map


Notable Technologies




Nations and Entities

Solar Confederacy
United American Starzone
Anglo Confederation
Ruhr Federal Zone

Coalition of Progressive People's Systems
Koalitsiya Sistem Progressivnykh Narodov

Protectorat Du Phare
Lighthouse Protectorate

Dominion of the Sanujab


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MBL-750R Grenadiers Modulares Gewehrsystem (GMG)

General Information

Also known as the Marine Modulares Bullpup-Lineargewehr in Principality Circles

Notable Attachments and Features

Smart Link System

A short range wireless or contact link system (via points on the rifle's grip) that allows the rifle to send and receive information between the user and the rifle. This can be done with either armor systems with the proper wireless or contact linkages or personnel with the proper cybernetic modifications. This allows the rifle's firing modes to be switched electronically (the fire selector switch will move via a motorized system) and for the rifle's ROF to be altered on the fly. Additionally for those with augmented reality systems it allows the use of the rifle's 'ghost sight'.

Chemical-Linear Dual Stage Action

The MBL-750R employs a horizontally rotating drum bolt feeding from a triple stack caseless cartridge flat magazine located in the rifle's upper stock. The core of this action is a electrically controlled motorized system utilizing a chemical first stage (firing the cartridge) with a linear motor 'boost' to increase the muzzle velocity of the weapon while keeping the cartridge of a smaller manageable size. In the event of a 'dud' or needing to unload the weapon a access point on the right side of the weapon (granting access to the bolt and action) can be opened and the bolt manually cycled.

System Display


Rail Mod


Munition Launcher


Service and Production History
In Service
2750 A.D.
Rostov & Kriegler Armaments (RKA)
Produced (Estimated)
2745 A.D. Onwards
Average Cost
1550 CC (New) 850 CC (Used)
Service and Production History
4.25 Kg
825 mm
CPM-715B 8x42mm Caseless Semi-Linear Munition
Dual Mode Asynchronous Chemical-Linear Motor Rifle
Rate of Fire
- 650 RPM (Auto)
- 1200 RPM (Burst 3-Round)
Muzzle Velocity (One Standard Atmosphere)
1,050 MpS
Effective Firing Range (One Standard Atmosphere)
850 Meters
Feed System
45 Round top loading caseless munition cassette.
Sights/Optical Systems

Green coated tritium illuminated night sights with a ghost ring aperture, additionally via a smart link system a 'ghost' sight can be employed if the user has the proper augmented reality personal electronics suite.

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