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The Verse of Arieg
(Main Page)

Current Year
2789 A.D.

Anglo-American Union of Systems


Armed Forces

Sphere of Influence

Notable Technologies


  • Capital
    New London, Planet Virginia
  • Common Languages
    English, Spanish, Cantonese
  • Government
    Constitutional Representative Federal Republic
  • Legislature
  • Founding
    2322 A.D.
  • Population
    25.34 Billion
  • Currency
    Union Pound Credit (UPC)

Anglo-American Union of Systems

### The Anglo American Union of Systems or in shorthand simply known as the 'Union' is a collection of colony worlds who's population is derived from a former Sol system socio-economic bloc. A bloc who's core was based in the Americas but counted the former English commonwealths under its membership. As a result these cultures and peoples have carried over both language and their old cultural customs to the Sundala Starzone to form the AAU. ### ### Techonlogically and socially it sits as the middle ground between the socialistic and state controlled mass of the Progressive Eurasian Colonies and the technocratic/corporate extreme of the East-Asian Conglom Alignment. One where democratic controls are still in play but the pursuit of profit is ever a motivation for its population. ###


  • Born of the migrated survivors of a United Americas and former Commonwealth States from the blasted ruin of the Solar System.
  • Early federal moves between each settled colonial world leading them to be one of the first emergent powers of humanities colonization effort in the starzone.
  • First to truely begin exploiting the gate network left behind by the Marii for civil/commercial use.


Due to the interstellar nature of the AAU it employs a three tier governmental system starting at the individual planet or habitat level and ending at the federal or multi-system level.

Federal Assembly

President of the Colonies

Federal Senate

Judiciary Council of the Colonies

Intrasystem Assembly

Solar Governor

Solar Congress

Solar Judiciary Court

Armed Forces


Religion and Beliefs

Diplomacy and Relationships

Notable Locations


Notes and Scraps

It is the 'middle child' of the various human powers in the Sundala Starzone with a balancing the interests of its corporate entities with that of the steady and healthy growth of its society without taking the extreme measure in either direction. As a result it tends to be the middling power when it comes to population sizes, military strength, and technological development. Like the other human powers it controls a portion of the Marii's gate network with a total of four of these systems under its control, additionally numerous human crafted gates have branched off this network in an effort to colonize the space surrounding both the Anglo and American arms.

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