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Current Year
2789 A.D.

Setting Information

Sector Map


Notable Technologies




Nations and Entities

Solar Confederacy
United American Starzone
Anglo Confederation
Ruhr Federal Zone

Coalition of Progressive People's Systems
Koalitsiya Sistem Progressivnykh Narodov

Protectorat Du Phare
Lighthouse Protectorate

Dominion of the Sanujab


Junk Drawer


Standardized Arms of the Colonial Pact Trade and Defense Protocol Treaty


Infantry and Exo-suit Armaments

Sidearms and Personal Defense Weapons

  • KGR-ALP-57U Kaar Sidearm ||| CPM-710 7.5x30mm Caseless Munition
  • KGR-ALP-58SL Kaar Compact Sidearm ||| CPM-710 7.5x30mm Caseless Munition
  • RKA-KS-90 Kriegler Combat Pistol ||| FWM-690 10x35mm Caseless Magnum
  • KHG-PBP-700 Kursk Magnum ||| VB/53 11mm Caseless Magnum
  • KGR-CAP-250 Kaar-7 Personal Defense System ||| CPM-710 7.5x30mm Caseless Munition
  • RKA-MP-720 Rostov Machine Pistol ||| FWM-690 10x35mm Caseless Magnum

Rifle Systems

KGR-MRB-720 Kaar Common Modular Rifle System

KGR-MRB-720R Kaar Modular Rifle (KMR) ||| CPM-715 8x42mm Caseless Rifle Munition
KGR-MRB-720C Kaar Modular Carbine (KMC) ||| CPM-715 8x42mm Caseless Rifle Munition
KGR-MRB-720MR Kaar Modular Marksman Rifle (KMMR) ||| CPM-720 6x60mm Caseless Rifle Munition
KGR/RKA-MRB-720 Mod.1 Kaar Special Purpose Rifle (KSPR) ||| CPM-715B 8x42mm Caseless Semi-Linear Munition

Marine Modular Linear Rifle System

MBL-750R Grenadiers Modulares Gewehrsystem (GMG)
R&K-MBL-750K Marine Modular Linear Carbine System
R&K-MBL-750SR Marine Modular Linear Sharpshooter System

  • Marksman Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Anti-Material Rifle
KGR-ALR-725M3 Dual Stage Automatic Support Rifle (DSASR)
R&K-CLM-642M20 Dual Stage General Purpose Machine Gun
R&K-GWP-88V 'Totenglocke-C' Phased Plasma Carbine

Shotgun Systems

  • Sawed-Off
  • OAP-SBS-700 'Byk' Combat Shotgun

Launcher Systems

  • EGLM
  • Shoulder Launcher
  • Shoulder Mortar.
  • Shoulder Anti-Material Gun
  • Man Portable Automatic Mortar

Missile and Rocket Systems

  • RUL-606 'Dagger' Unguided Rocket Launcher (AT-4)
  • MPAT-700 'Hunter' Lightweight Anti-Tank Missile (Mini-Spike)
  • MPMU-685 'Viper' Small Diameter Missile (Javelin ATGM)
  • S-695 'Bothrop' Shoulder Launched Surface to Air Missile (Verba MANPAD)
  • AT-707 'Hammer' Anti-Tank Missile (Kornet)

Vehicle and Mecha Weapons

Crew Serve/Light Vehicle Arms

  • .50cal Range Plasma Cannon
  • 20mm Range Plasma Cannon
  • 4-Barrel Caseless Gatling
  • 40mm Range Plasma Cannon
  • Laser CIWS

Vehicle Direct Fire Arms

  • 110mm Linear Kinetic Weapon
  • 150mm Linear Kinetic Weapon
  • 75mm Plasma Cannon
  • 200mm Bore Plasma Cannon

Missile Systems

  • S-850TU 'Atrop' Short Range Surface/Air to Air Missile (SRSAAM)
  • SN900V 'Sapphire-M' Standard Space to Space Missile
  • S700V 'Moojeni' Long Range General Purpose Missile (LRGPM)
  • AT-500LM 'Strela' Multi-Purpose Missile
  • RUL-400 350mm Unguided Modular Warhead Rockets
  • RUL-705 80mm Unguided Modular Warhead Rockets
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