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Current Year
2789 A.D.

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Nations and Entities

Solar Confederacy
United American Starzone
Anglo Confederation
Ruhr Federal Zone

Coalition of Progressive People's Systems
Koalitsiya Sistem Progressivnykh Narodov

Protectorat Du Phare
Lighthouse Protectorate

Dominion of the Sanujab


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Spitball Cascadium Timeline

Garber, OK Serves as the building/street plan for Dorvan Farms
Medicine Lodge, KS Serves as the building/street plan for Moriski
Kalona, IO Serves as the building/street plan for Higgins

The Beginning

I-Day +1 May 21st 2789 A.D.

Camp Redhill Training Center, Fort Bannon Military Complex
Northern Cascadium Regional District

Introducing the Cascadium Territorial Reserve Defense Forces (CTRDF) and Cascadium Surface Forces (CSF) conducting exercises up in the northern reaches of the campaign map against each other. Additionally a scout element of Anglo American Marines is present passing their knowledge on to their CAF (Cascadium Armed Forces) counterparts. Downtime between exercises at a collection and organization point is interrupted by a broadcast coming over the local datanet which all stop and watch. It shows an invading army to the south in the large and expansive Reiger Valley, an army nobody there has seen before. They all stand in a stupor before sergeants start yelling orders and officers begin organizing units for mobilization to the armories and then toward transports.

Fort Bannon Military Complex, Central Command Center
Northern Cascadium Regional District

Somewhere on the expansive complex of Fort Bannon, Cascadium's main surface base, a courier is sprinting through the slightly more futuristic halls of a base command compound. Taking several moments before arriving with his 'charge', a moderately sized data slate. Before him sits the civilian minister of defense, the highest ranking military commander on the surface, and a few advisors both civilian and military. The brief goes on to cover the goings on to the south and all footage of the events there for the last 48 hours. The view of the meeting ends with overhead and drone footage of the object the invaders emerged from.

Flashback to the Morning of the 20th (I-Day)

Arrivals and Mornings

Objective Threshold, Eastern Reiger Valley Foothills
Northern Cascadium Regional District

At dawn, the gate or what would later be known to Cascadium military planners as Objective Threshold opened on a wide low plateau in the mountainous foot hills in the eastern regions of the Reiger Valley. The object itself seemingly coalesced from thin air, four pillars of obsidian metal reaching nearly three stories high all surrounding a perfect orb who's form was darker than the blackest midnight. From this the first beings from another world and possibly universe would spill forth.

Known to themselves as by various names and allegiances, all were currently either directly or indirectly by coin or alliance under the control of an organization known as the Cabal of Molia.

The first units through Objective Threshold consist of light cavalry company, a company sized unit of scouts, a security force roughly the size of a battalion, all pushing out as an engineering unit comes in behind to prepare the area to support a larger force. Among them is the next in line for the Molian Sovereign and his advisor. Impatient, headstrong, and wanting glory before his rise. He ignores the advice of both his seasoned dark elf advisor and the mercenary commander on site, he takes an element of scouts and rides toward the lights that had been seen to the west.

Agricultural Settlement of Dorvan Farms, Eastern Reiger Valley
Northern Cascadium Regional District

  • Father and son leave to check a downed fence.
  • Introduce a few characters waking up to the dawn to begin their work day.

The Horse They Rode in On

Agricultural Settlement of Dorvan Farms, Eastern Reiger Valley
Northern Cascadium Regional District

  • The first scouts begin to ride into town to the odd stares of residents.
  • Small acts of thievery?
  • Father and son encounter the Molian Prince and his retinue. This pair slowly leads the group of horse riders into the center of town and after attracting a small surrounding of on lookers the Prince declares himself the ruler of this new land and after some scoffing by the residents shoots a nearby woman causing all hell to break loose.

Agricultural Settlement of Moriski, Central Reiger Valley
Northern Cascadium Regional District

  • Only having a single elected Sherriff and a small group of part time officers the town of Dorvan Farms sends a support call to Moriski and the nearest office of the Cascadium Marshall's Service. Here a group of twenty or so 'tool up' and hit the road in security vehicles all heading for Dorvan Farms. Those that stay behind launch a drone and send it along as well while beginning to report further up the road to higher offices.

Shootout on Mainstreet

Agricultural Settlement of Dorvan Farms, Eastern Reiger Valley
Northern Cascadium Regional District

  • From when the Prince fired his weapon in frustrated anger to the last moments of the first skirmish most of his group now lay dead. Roughly three quarters of his men and half of the horses having been hit in a mixture of shotgun, hunting rifle, and pistol fire. He himself had lost his mount and taken a hit to the arm and to the surprise of his dark elf advisor he pulls her from her mount and rides off back to the east with any survivors still mounted.
  • Stunned and watching her former charge fade into the distance she allows herself to be taken quietly and is relocated to the small jail in the town. The others among her refuse to be taken and are shot on the ground when they pull small weapons.
  • With the initial matter settled the town rapidly organizes, the small group of local law enforcement being swelled with the ranks of armed locals as they take stock of what has just happened. Five on their side are dead and three missing, a distraught father noting his wife and two children are have vanished and are assumed to have been taken. The details and arms of the attackers as well as a description of the single female prisoner are sent out to Moriski, all the while the town begins to evacuate assuming worse is still to come.

Afternoon of the 20th

Objective Threshold, Eastern Reiger Valley Foothills
Northern Cascadium Regional District

  • The prince limps back into the now growing encampment shot in three places with less than half of those he left with, he immediately finds himself under the disapproving gaze of the commander before being informed that the leader of the expedition has arrived.
  • Behind the prince a group of mercenaries trade the three captives to an officer who takes them to a nearby mage's tent for interrogation. (Mentalmancy?)
  • The Prince soon finds himself before an older man with a high elf at his side, the individual standing before him is responsible for the discovery and activation of the portal as well as the assembly of the invasion expedition. After a brief conversation the prince is beaten bloody and thrown from the tent by the guards. The furious expedition leader having discovered that the element of surprise was no longer with him.
  • At this time the ready use forces of the invaders stand at roughly three battalion sized formations known as Cathlans with an additional two company sized units that are motorized. Some heavier weapons such as cannon and armored vehicles have also been brought through along with modular sections of flying machines.
  • The expedition commander questions the captured mother of two, gleaning little through the mental link provided by a magic user aside from some base information about the settlement and the world hes found himself on. By late afternoon he orders two of his Cathlans to assemble and begin moving toward Dorvan Farms, along with this attack force he sends a capable underling (Dumauri?).

Agricultural Settlement of Dorvan Farms | Beginning of the First Battle of Dorvan Farms
Northern Cascadium Regional District

  • Roughly five hours pass between the Prince's failed 'annexation' and the first sighting of scouting elements of the first Cathlan/Battalion. During those roughly 850 of the settlement's 1,100 inhabitants have fled down the road, a third head for the settlement of Moriski to the south, and the rest head north toward Higgins and beyond. Whats left behind is some 250 defenders composed of farmers, law enforcement, and those that refuse to leave. An additional twenty some officers from Moriski are present with more in route. By now the warning of a possible 'event' has been broadcasted to Cascadium at large.

First Skirmish

  • The town of Dorvan Farms sits in a large flat valley that reaches down toward the major area river, to its south is another river which the Cabal forces have been forced to bridge/ford in order to reach their intended target. Thus the initial scouts and forces to reach the small farming settlement are mostly lighter troops. They fire first as the present security forces attempt to ward them off with threats over loud speaker equipped vehicles. The defenders return fire, while most are armed with with hunting weapons, these are rifles and carbines of the 27th century with advanced optics and high quality caseless ammunition. The attackers are armed with various bolt action rifles, hand guns, and sub machine guns with an uncanny resemblance to the weapons of early to mid 20th century earth. The attacking force, roughly in company size, pushes on the southern flank of the town, some barricades have been setup either using farming equipment, containers, or vehicles. While most of the fields they advanced through had some cover in the form of tree and brush filled perimeters, the advance to the buildings themselves is mostly open. The attacking forces take losses and then pull back just before sundown.
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