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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.


Eideon/CONFED Conflict Story Short and Sweet

Sundala/CONFED Side

Cascadium/Cascadium Security Forces

Cascadium and its Security Forces

Language: English

Leadership/Significant Organizations

  • Civilian Leadership
    • Planetary Executive: President Willa Vescoe
      Popularly elected executive leader serving a four year term, more of an economically minded leader looking to capitalize on corporate interests in various surface mineral deposits to expand her world's infrastructure base and gradually move away from agriculture. She is less popular outside of population centers.
    • Planetary Congress
      Effectively the US congress with a senate and a house of representatives.


  • Cascadium Surface Force (CSF)
    The main planetary surface force (hence its name), it is primarily made up of self contained combined force formations that employ armored and mechanized forces with attached organic air and VTOL assets. There are various 'leg' and light mechanized formations for both specialized organic attachments and as installation security for the organization's various surface complexes. They are a professional full time volunteer army made up of both local residents who use it as a career and offworld individuals with a military or security past seeking the various incentives to join once they've settled on the colony world. The CSF is intended to be the primary surface combat force but in certain situations it can interface with the CTRDF to both replace losses or bring a larger force to bare on a hostile invading group.
  • Cascadium Aerospace Combat Group (CACG)
    An aerospace and orbital defense branch of the armed forces, they operate from a handful of complexes spread across the surface. They control most of the significant surface to orbit defensive systems including lasers, surface to orbit missiles, and railgun systems. Additionally they operate several squadrons of surface to orbit interceptors that can also be employed in air dominance or air to surface actions.
  • Cascadium Territorial Reserve Defense Force (CTRDF)
    The 'citizen soldier' reserve of Cascadium mostly composed of young (17 to 22 year old) conscripts and semi-paid older reservists. It is intended to provide both additional manpower to the main surface defense force as well as a readily available local combat force to rapidly address threats which may land on far flung portions of the planet. It is made up of various leg and motorized infantry, mechanized, and aviation formations.
  • Cascadium Intra-System Security Forces (CISSF)
    The 'on orbit' service of Cascadium that serves as the colony's space security forces. They operate a handful of security cutters, several squadrons of light attack craft, and a company's worth of specialist troops intended for low-grav or zero grav combat operations or orbit to surface assaults.


  • The capital is the coastal settlement of Arns City with a population of 652,000, it hosts an orbital tether tied to the main orbital port of the planet. It also features road and rail links with most of the other terrestrial settlements.
  • Cascadium is a frontier colony world with a population of around ten million mostly settled around the starport/orbital lift cities with development and infrastructure expanding around these sites.
  • As stated above the planet is a frontier world who's primary output is agricultural goods, however recent years and mineral discoveries have led to a growing and healthy industry in various processed metallic ores.
  • There were three waves of settlement,
    • The first wave mostly composed of those oriented on self sufficient agricultural pursuits and whom settled haphazardly before the initial main cities were sited and built as a result they tend to be the most rural. (Conservatives?)
    • The second wave, mostly consisting of those looking to establish manufacturing and or the support infrastructure of gradual colony growth (and or get in the ground floor of) arrived roughly fifty years after and more than doubled the population in a decade. These are mostly responsible for the rapid growth of the planet's three main population centers. (City/Suburb folks)
    • The third and or on going wave, this consists of corporate or corporate hired individuals seeking to exploit the resource wealth of the planet, especially a particular mineral required for the manufacture of gates and FTL drives. Unlike the first two waves these are primarily not seeking to do long term settlement and often clash with those of the first wave over land use.

Shorthand Gist and or the So Far

United American Starzone Colonial Marine Corps (UASCMC)

Eideon/Semi-Fantasy Side

Kingdom of Gallipor

Kingdom of Gallipor

Language: Turkish Status Toward BLUFOR: Belligerent

Leadership/Significant Organizations

  • Strongman/Ghaddafi Type in overall leadership position, effectively dictator for life… or until he is replaced.
  • A junta of leading generals, some simply lucky enough not to be purged post revolution and those that participated are its primary makeup.
  • Some clans/leading families still maintain their power bases and holdings, mostly those with connections to the current ruling group or simply those that are neutral in the various politics that fly back and forth in Gallipor.


  • Air Forces
    • Gali Air Corps
      The Gali air forces are all under one general command and operate a variety of craft from fixed wing monoplanes of recent manufacture (from just before to after WWII in technology) to various refurbished ancient craft or merely shells built around ancient tech. Most of their heavier than air large scale airships are of the latter sort.
    • Gali Jump Corps
      An offshoot of the above that serves as a sort of one part 'air' marine corps and one part airborne shock troops mostly for use in conjunction with their airships. Well trained but lightly equipped, they are mostly employed for rapid assaults important strategic points.
  • Land Forces
    • Gali Ground Corps
      They feature a rather large but stretched (operating in various theaters across half the continent) ground force, a third of which is mechanized in some aspect. Additionally most of the remaining two-thirds of their force is made up of conscripts. Like most they have both recently manufactured weapons and vehicles as well as a small percentage of artifact weapons and platforms.
  • Naval Forces
    • Gali Navy


  • Effectively intended to be an 80s to 90s Iraq (societal/army setup wise), a large army, a blundering leadership, and generally a puppet of someone.
  • They are initially the primary antagonist both by weight of numbers and being among the first military forces through the gate as well as making up the bulk of those that eventually venture to the otherside.

Shorthand Gist and or the So Far

  • In the last twenty or so years the old hegemony has been overthrown by a junta of generals under a single strongman, while this group didn't outright destroy the old system of various industrial 'kingdoms' they effectively have them under their thumb.
  • While starting with grand plans to raise the Gali nation to a position of supremacy in the continent's south it has seen nothing but loss or worse.. stalemate in various conflicts with its neighbors mostly toward the goal of taking control of a bluewater port.
  • The most 'successful' campaign involved the conquest of their neighboring nation to the northwest, the Lebian Barony and while it fell short of reaching the coast and their goal they managed to obtain a vast swath of territory… filled by an angry and uncooperative population.
  • The gate and its discovery is seen as a salvation and a grant by the gods to give the Gali's a final chance at greatness, this mentality is fanned by a third party fanning the flames in the strong man's mind.
  • Eventually the above campaign is a failure and overall their armed forces suffer losses from both pouring resources into the unknown (and losing most of them) as well as seeing a general mass uprising in the occupied Lebian territories surrounding the gate artifact. With its loss to the forces from beyond the gate and the havoc they're causing on the Eideon side the Gali military is in a general state of retreat or is cut off and surrounded. Additionally in the east the Dumauri, seeing weakness, have begun incursions seeking to take population and territory straining the Gali forces between the three foes as the Lebian rump throws it's hat in with the newly arrived otherworlders.

Lebian Barony

Language: Hungarian Status Toward BLUFOR: Aligned Interests


  • Intended to be a sort of Poland, reeling and weakened from a previous conflict with the setting's main bogeymen (the elves) and then invaded and partially occupied for 'repriations' by the Gali.
  • Ruled by a singular royal family with a collection of territories controlled by lords.

Shorthand Gist and or the So Far

Rothian Imperial Realm

Language: Gaelic Status Toward BLUFOR: Semi-Belligerent, Multiple Involved Parties

Secondary Eideon Entities and Factions

Dumauri Dominion

Language: Mongolian Status Toward BLUFOR: Neutral


  • Created by the Elves/Eternals as part of a second program to create more hardy and tougher soldiers for the on going war with humanity. While their previous brethren, the Koffek, have proven effective they are no regular foot soldier.
  • The lagomorph features may have been a choice for capability, aesthetics, or both, but the knowledge is more or less lost to time…. at least on the human side.
  • What would become the Dumauri was a grand army that was deployed by the elves in their last offensive of the ancient war. An assault and landing on the southern shore of the continent with a massed offensive moving up through the central southern valley of Eideon. It was here were the Dominions ancestors witnessed the end of the previous world and would be forced to go to ground after their elven masters abandoned them to their fate.

Societal Structure

Eathian Reach

General Meta-Plot Direction

War on Cascadium

  • (May 20th 2789 A.D.) Gallipor Invades the world on the otherside of the Gates, later discovered to be known as Cascadium.
  • Initial efforts lead to the capture of some nine to fifteen thousand of the other world's population whom are taken to the otherside and sent to various interested parties, most destined for upper level indentured servitude due to knowledge of reading, writing, and more modern ways of doing things.
  • The technological loot from these initial opening moves is sent back to the homeland (after being picked over by the officers involved).
  • Most initial attempts by the security forces of Cascadium are at best stop gaps and delaying actions leading some adhoc units or even small units being traded to buy settlements time to evacuate as formerly dormant units stand up and deploy.
  • Day Seven - Gali forces suffer their first major setback in the campaign after leading elements of their main force encounter a Cascadium Defense Force (CSF) tank battalion with company sized infantry support and air power. Roughly two battalions of their armor are destroyed along with a regiment of infantry. As a result their high command orders a hold and calls up reinforcements from the otherside of the gate.
  • Day Eight - CSF forces begin a general counter attack at midnight with various light mechanized units deployed from the air on the Gali force's flanks and a main armored and mechanized force driving head on into the invader's established positions. Despite numbers and prepared positions the Gali invasion force and its various auxiliary are badly mauled by a now prepared and technologically superior enemy. By dawn the Gali army has begun to fall back from whatever remains of its forward positions, some rear units even beginning to rout back toward the gate.
  • Day Nine - CSF forces are in full pursuit of retreating Gali invasion forces with stragglers surrendering on mass, slowing the advance. Some unit commanders, witnesses of the conduct of this force toward Cascadium civilians simply gun them down in place and move on. Others process, disarm, and leave behind small guard forces in order to continue the advance. Additionally CSF forces are bolstered by the arrival of United American Starzone Marines whom are dropped into predesignated DZs already secured by CSF forces, however units are kept on orbit for use as spot reinforcements and for a planned shock and awe operation against the source of the invasion.
  • Day Ten - CSF forces continue a general offensive with one main force and two 'wing' forces pressing in the Gali perimeter from three sides, ever shrinking their previously easily acquired new territory. However this has the side effect of focusing their remaining forces into a smaller area and as a result resistance ramps up. The Gali general, bolstered by reinforcements from his world and still believing the effort can be won commits to a major armored thrust in the gaps between the wings and the main CSF force, attempting to flank and engulf. A mass employment of air and space assets by both the CSF and UASM and vicious spoiling attacks from the forward CSF units halt, cut off, and destroy this final offensive. To prevent the hostile army from slipping away with any more of the captured civilian population two heavy battalions of marines are dropped directly onto their primary strongpoints around the 'Gate'. With mechanized assets and power armor the forces around them rapidly find a powerful and technologically advanced threat in their rear.
  • Dawn, Day Eleven - While scattered resistance continues the surviving highest ranking Gali officer makes contact via radio and offers terms, he is rebuffed with a unconditional surrender demand and accepts it several hours later. Three days beyond this point the area is completely pacified and all hostile troops are disarmed and moved into mass holding areas under guard. One heavy marine battalion however has pushed through the object and into the world beyond, preventing its deactivation and establishing a foothold in the world of Eideon.

Counter Attack

  • (Pre-June 15th 2789 A.D.) CSF and UASM forces have established a kilometer wide perimeter and held the gate structure on the otherside for the better part of half a month. After one major attempt to retake the structure and the surrounding ruins (noted by the first troops through) it has been quiet aside from the occasional incursion by small hostile units. Unbeknownst to them they've set off a mass uprising in the occupied territory the structure currently sits on. However high and low level observation via VTOL Drones has begun and the plan to push through into this other world has more or less been completed with the Cascadium side becoming a mass staging area.
  • (June 15th - Operation Dusk Chariot) Along with organic attachments and pre-scheduled support assets to further strengthen the existing base perimeter eight mechanized battalions are deployed through the gate and staged. Their task is taking eight predesignated areas of interest that are between ten and twelve kilometers from what was now designated as 'Site Threshold' by CSF command. These sites include high points, supply route critical areas such as crossroads and settlement sites that control the first, and a high traffic river bridge. These units began to roll at roughly one AM local time on June 16th.
  • (Storming Dunafoldvar - The Bridge Over the River Doovn) Roughly twenty kilometers to the south of the Threshold Site, the settlement of Dunafoldvar or on the maps of the CSF and UASM units, Objective Dusk 4. Estimated to be a small city with a population of thirty to forty thousand, it controlled a crossroads that brought five major overland routes together to cross the sole bridge capable of handling heavy traffic for nearly a hundred kilometers including a smaller rail bridge immediately adjacent. As a result, despite its somewhat greater distance versus other Dusk objectives it was selected as one of the first sites to be taken. Mostly on the want of CSF command to interrupt east to west supply movements for Gali forces to the west.
  • Unlike the other battalions, due to both the increased distance as well as the more complex nature of their target, the 2nd of the 1st CSF Mech Brigade was reinforced with a few additional motorized companies from the 9th Infantry Regiment and a company of tanks from the 2nd Composite Armored Brigade. This gaggle of armored vehicles and trucks followed across the landscape by a detached element of logistical vehicles to stage them. 'The Gaggle' as the commanding Colonel had taken to calling it would arrive by dusk on the outskirts of Objective Dusk 4 to the strange site of its garrison, or rather what was left of it, trying to fight its way back in. Most cut and ran toward the north and south upon sighting what they could only guess where the armored vehicles of the other worlders, the rumors of them having reached their ears by retreating and routed units coming from the mystical complex to the north.
  • Roughly two companies worth of infantry and some scattered armored vehicles stand and fight from prepared positions between the on rushing CSF forces and the outskirts of the small city. While the skirmish is short both units, seeing either surrender to an unknown or what is at their back fight to the last man.
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