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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.


Plot Diarrhea


### Effectively the faction that digs up and activates the gate to kickstart the plot is a bunch of Turkish inspired tribal/clan industrialists currently united under force by a Saddam like strongman. Hes run the show for quite a few years and has had military blunder after military blunder, his latest being the occupation of the neighboring nation to their northwest. Known of the Lebian Barony, it not only has a more mild climate versus the north African/eastern med of his, but had his campaign succeeded would have also netted them an open water port. However aside from land gains and more hospitable farmland, they've netted a hostile population, an insurgency, and growing unrest at home. His last hope is a strange group that has approached him and revealed the presence of an ancient technological facility underneath these occupied lands and a gateway to another world. ###

Cascadium Conflict

### The actual incursion begins some months before the first actual shooting, the Galliporian forces (Gali for short) managing to open the gateway and stabilize it. A mixture of a remote location, the fact the colony world is a frontier planet with a smaller population, orbital infrastructure being at a minimum, and that its defenses are geared toward expecting an enemy from orbit. These all allow them to generally go unnoticed and build up a proper supply base and springboard as well as generally begin scouting the surrounding areas. At least until one foolish company commander and his mechanized scout platoon fail to stop a farmstead from getting out a distress call, forcing the military effort to begin.
### ### What follows is a sixteen day campaign opening with a snap mobilization of Cascadium's defense forces and a general blitzkrieg offensive carried about by a technologically inferior but massively numerical hostile force. The first week more or less left the CSF (Cascadium Surface Force) on the back leg, most of their units being forced to flee with a bare minimum of equipment as massed hostile formations simply flowed over settlements. Their goal being laid clear before satellite overheads, mass looting, kidnapping of the population by the thousands, and shipping the whole lot back through the portal. However as that first week and its surprise gives way to day eight the CSF is soon pushing back. With both active duty and reserve formations from beyond the combat zone called up and equipped the Gali forces endure their first major and total defeat in the outskirts of a city of nearly a million. Additionally pieces of old world tech that had given them an advantage in that first week are being systematically destroyed, including a large object that more or less acted like Excalibur from Ace Combat Zero. Operations having already been far beyond costly due to the technological gap, more and more forces from beyond the gate, precious regiments used in the occupation of Lebia, are poured into the fight. This slackening manpower and rumors of the utter destruction of the cream of the Gali military beyond the gate lead to a general uprising in the Lebian Barony, those few units left behind, already dregs, begin to resort to brutal tactics in a vain attempt to keep a lid on the situation. However this steadily worsens the supply situation for the ongoing fighting beyond the gate.
### ### Cascadium side Gali forces are generally beginning to collapse, no longer are they smashing against half equipped isolated units of the CSF. Instead dealing with organized formations now actively pushing them off their gains, supported by a vengeful aerospace force no longer restrained by exotic air defense weapons. Soon entire formations are surrendering, or are being outright destroyed before they can retreat. The general running the show opts for a pull back and begins to work to set a perimeter around the gate site and its base, wanting to hold it open for as long as possible and allow as many of his troops to escape. This final effort ends with UAS Colonial Marines dropping directly onto the site, a mixture of power armor and heavy power armor equipped troops both forcing an internal perimeter around the gate and pushing through the structure itself. This combined with a general assault from surrounding CSF forces finally forces a surrender of most Cascadium side Gali forces. ###


### The first 'Outsider' boots hit Eideon's soil on the fifteenth day of the conflict, a company's worth of power armor equipped colonial marines with heavy weapons suddenly appearing at the center of the Gali base on the far side and taking it. They hold the Eideon end while the rest of the battalion immolates the interior of the Gali supply base Cascadium side. Soon after the utter collapse of Gali forces Cascadium side the rest of the battalion is deployed to the Eideon side along with CSF augments, pushing out their own perimeter and discovering to their surprise a lack of effort to retake the complex. Drones sent out would discover a country-side seemingly at war with itself and soon interrogations would reveal that Cascadium wasn't the first place to fall under the boots of the Gali Army.
### ### Initially, once the main invasion base of the Gali military fell, supplies and additional manpower mostly of the UASCM were surged through. Enough to push out and create a perimeter with some depth and defense within the second day of its takeover. On day five the response from the farside of the gate finally came, a regimental sized force detached from the efforts of putting down local uprisings. Mostly motorized and only with light armored vehicles, the attack was called off after nearly half of their number lay dead in hills and fields surrounding the portal. ###

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