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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.


Gatefic Technologies


  • Testa
    • A 'frozen spell' in the form of a small crystalline object who's shape and size varies from use to use, the color of the crystal's glow will generally indicate what kind of magic is trapped within however some markings are typically attached. A specialized initiator akin to a striker can be used to release the spell, the resulting reaction 'casting' it and usually destroying the container in the process. This magical device can be created by mages directly or indirectly via enchanted machinery and is the cornerstone for most ranged magical weapons. NOTE- It can also be composed of a crystalline powder who's output depends on the amount employed in any given reaction or chamber.
  • Virga
    • A device created by a Rondel born Imperial weapon designer who worked closely with various enchanters and metallurgists, it revolutionized warfare on the continent by providing some of the ability and power of a sorcerer's destructive tendencies and allowing any man to use and direct it. Composed of a 'chamber' which takes and contains a Testa typically sealed via a sliding mechanism or bolt lock. A 'striker' mechanism enchanted to break the Testa's seal is typically located under the chamber. The weapon is 'fired' by either a trigger like latch or a simple lever, the spell is then unleashed, contained and directed by a chamber that serves to both keep the spell away from the user as well as serve as a means of aiming. Skilled mages can use their abilities to change the resulting spell's direction once it exits the chamber.



Basic Tech

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