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Eideon General Faction Overview

Homo Sapius Eideon - Humans of Eideon
Homo Aeternus - Star Elves
Homo Sapius Aeternus - Half Elves
Homo Crea Duiaurem - Dumauri / Lapine Amazons
Homo Crea Callidus - Koffek / Sky Cat Folk
Homo Crea Horriblilis - Uunbal / Dragon Folk

Note: Current Languages.

  • Hungarian - Lebia, Eathian Reach
  • Irish - Rothian Imperial Realm
  • German - Drechenstein Principality
  • Kurdish - Sivik Independent Provinces, Dumauri
  • Somali - Dagaal Barbary Zone
  • Greek - The Eternals, Koffek
  • Turkish - Gallipor, Bakharel, Bruolia
  • Swedish - Landavis
  • English - Brabia

World Powers

Rothian Imperial Realm


Both the largest human power and largest power by both population and territory, it is a vast confederation of various domains and kingdoms united by force over the centuries. A hydra when it comes to motivations and acts, it is none the less militaristic and expansionist with a general goal to unite all of humanity under one banner by any means in the name of presenting a united front against the newly rising Eternals.

None the less its vast scope has led to a steady decline within, corruption, nepotism, and power struggles continue to rot the Rothian Realm from within.

  • Imperial Family
  • House of Tailte (House of Lands)
  • Assembly of Rhocasia
Cultural Influence
  • Language
  • Real World Inspirations
Technological Level

The Realm of the Eternal

Regional Powers

  • Kingdom of Gallipor
  • Dominion of the Dumauri
  • Kingdom of Brabia

Local Powers

  • Barony of Lebia
  • Drechenstein Principality
  • Eathian Reach
  • Sivik Independent Provinces
  • Tru'Hales
    • A nation centered around a vast cache of magical knowledge, a large amount of it dating back before the technological development on Eideon. As such it tends to be a holy land towards those wishing to learn and live a more pure magical form of lifestyle.
  • Lair of the Uunbal
  • United Cities of Bruolia
  • Principality of Bakharel

Untamed Regions

  • Landavis
  • Landasvartis
  • Dagaal
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