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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.


Fic Spitball Character Wall

United American Starzone Characters


  • Cascadium President?
  • Head of Staff for Cascadium President?

Cascadium Defense Forces Ground Main Focus Group

  • Dingo 1-2 'Gecko' Light Tank
    • Vincent Walker, Corporal First Grade, Tank Commander (20)
    • Laa'ri Greene, Private First Grade, Gunner (19)
    • Jack Walker, Private First Grade, Driver (18)

  • Coyote 3-2, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Company
    • James Ross, Sergeant, Squad Leader (34)
    • Eli Higgs, Corporal First Grade, Second Fire Team Leader (20)
    • Henry Mosely, Private First Grade, Automatic Rifleman (18)
    • Martha Reyes, Private First Grade, Rifleman/Assistant Gunner (18)
    • Jennifer Kenly, Private First Grade, Designated Marksman (18)

Cascadium Defense Forces Air Group

  • Devil 1-3 Gunship Driver
    • TBD, Captain, 3rd Light Air Attack Squadron Leader (33)
  • Sandman 4 Utility Light VTOL
    • Anika Archera, Lieutenant, Fourth VTOL Craft driver of the 1st Utility Squadron (31)
    • TBC, Sergeant, Crew Chief (25)

United American Colonial Marine Corps

  • 550th Marine STRIKE Team, 7th Marine Division
    • Dean Koch, Major, STRIKE Team Leader, Grenadier (35)
    • Mariah Hitoshi, Gunnery Sergeant, Machine Gunner (31)
    • Jose Rojas, Chief Sergeant Grade Three, Anti-Tank/Demolitions (32)
    • Vesper Feck, Chief Sergeant Grade One, Scout/Sharpshooter (30)


  • Child colonist swept up in the conflict.
  • Daughter of Kaar General Resources CEO on a fact finding tour in an effort to better the treatment of workers such as those at the mining colony.
  • Father of Jack and Vincent Walker, former Marine Recon, now a farmer, swept up in the invasion and allows himself to be taken to the other side.

Rothian Realm Characters

Prince Daithi's Circle

  • Prince Daithi Sarsella, Colonel Equivalent, Commander of a light infantry raiding battalion. (43)
    Homo Sapius Eideon
  • Sarie Hinar, Captain Equivalent, Second in Command and Wife of Daithi (37)
    Homo Crea Duiaurem
  • Araz Hinar, Sergeant Equivalent, Daughter of Sarie and Daithi (19)
    Homo Crea Duiaurem
  • Elind Hinar, N/A, Second Daughter of Sarie and Daithi (8)
    Homo Crea Duiaurem

Dora's Crew / Thorn Troop

  • Dora Zanalli-Sarsella, Secretly Holds Major Equivalent, Scout/Sharpshooter (22)
    Homo Sapius Aeternus
  • Xarin Karmend-Grann, Secretly Holds Lieutenant Equivalent, Close in Fighter (20)
    Homo Crea Duiaurem
  • Thalia Zappoti, N/A, Mechanical Specialist, Decent with a rifle or shotgun (19)
    Homo Crea Callidus
  • Cormac Cranna, Secretly Holds Colonel Equivalent, Spy and Rothian Operative (57)
    Homo Sapius Eideon

Gallipor Characters

17th Gali Army Command Staff

  • Ertun Monham, Four Star General Equivalent, Commander 17th Gali Army (53)
    Homo Sapius Eideon
  • Yoruk Ozbey, Three Star General Equivalent, Sub-Commander 17th Gali Army (49)
    Homo Sapius Eideon
  • Cahit Koksal, Two Star General Equivalent, Divisional Commander 17th Gali Army (45)
    Homo Sapius Eideon
  • Emre Mardin, Two Star General Equivalent, Divisional Commander 17th Gali Army (46)
    Homo Sapius Eideon

Useful NPCs

Lebian Characters

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