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The World of Eideon
Current Year
875th Imperial Year
( 1105th Year Since the Inferno )

2789 A.D.
Characters of Eideon

Notable Characters

Anglo-American Union Characters
Cascadium (Military)

Cascadium (Civilian)

Union Colonial Marine Corps

Kaarn Applied Defense Solutions

Eideon Characters
The Cabal

The Southern Periphery

The Rothian Empire

The Dumauri



Characters of the Southern Periphery States

Lebian Barony

Noble House of Erkathos

The Lebian Baron

Nicanor Erkathos

  • Age - 72
  • Race - Human with mythical blood.

First Daughter of Nicanor

Myrrine the Bold

  • Age - 22
  • Race - Human with mythical blood.
  • Notes - Black hair, lightly glowing yellow-white eyes.
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