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The World of Eideon
Current Year
875th Imperial Year
( 1105th Year Since the Inferno )

2789 A.D.
Characters of Eideon

Notable Characters

Anglo-American Union Characters
Cascadium (Military)

Cascadium (Civilian)

Union Colonial Marine Corps

Kaarn Applied Defense Solutions

Eideon Characters
The Cabal

The Southern Periphery

The Rothian Empire

The Dumauri



Cascadium Military Characters

Cascadium Surface Force Characters by Group

37th Cascadium Mechanized Battalion - Command Element

  • Ronald Masse, 62, Major, CO of Battalion

Dingo 1-2, 37th Cascadium Mechanized Battalion

A KSPN medium tank captured and converted for UAS outer colonial defense use, for its three TRDF reserve crew it is their home away from home.

  • Henry Moss, 21, Corporal First Grade, Tank Commander
  • Eli Higgs, 19, Private First Grade, Gunner
  • Lara Greene, 18, Private First Grade, Driver

Coyote 3-2, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Company, 37th Cascadium Mechanized Battalion

A mechanized squad part of the infantry detachment of the 37th, like most of their outfit they're TRDF and consist mostly of late teens and early twenties conscripts and a reserve sergeant formerly of the United American Starzone Colonial Marine Corps (UASCMC).

  • James Ross, 47, Sergeant, Squad Leader
    • Jack Walker, 23, Corporal First Grade, Second Fire Team Leader
    • Vincent Walker, 17, Private First Grade, Automatic Rifleman
    • Martha Reyes, 18, Private First Grade, Rifleman/Assistant Gunner
    • Jennifer Kenly, 18, Private First Grade, Designated Marksman

Devil 1, 3rd Gunship Squadron, 5th Combat Aviation Regiment, Cascadium 1st Surface Force Division

A medium VTOL gunship outfit operating from the Fort Epler Surface Installation, Devil-1 Actual is one of six such craft part of the 3rd Squadron and are among the first aviation assets cut to deal with the crisis that emerges in the area around Dorvan Farms. Like most aviators in the CSF he is a veteran of other services, in this case the UAS Navy, trading in his space wings for a ground target killing attack craft.

  • Jose Rojas, 43, Major, 3rd Light Air Attack Squadron Leader

Sandman 4, 1st Utility Squadron, 5th Combat Aviation Regiment, Cascadium 1st Surface Force Division

A medium lift VTOL transport crewed by a singular pilot and a crew chief (though usually crewed by up to four), it is one of many light utility transports used on Cascadium. Like the rest of the 5th Combat Aviation Regiment it and its crew operate out of the Fort Epler Surface Installation.

  • Anika Archera, 31, Lieutenant, Fourth VTOL Craft driver of the 1st Utility Squadron
  • Mariah Hitoshi, 26, Sergeant, Crew Chief
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