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Current Year
2789 A.D.

Setting Information

Sector Map


Notable Technologies




Nations and Entities

Solar Confederacy
United American Starzone
Anglo Confederation
Ruhr Federal Zone

Coalition of Progressive People's Systems
Koalitsiya Sistem Progressivnykh Narodov

Protectorat Du Phare
Lighthouse Protectorate

Dominion of the Sanujab


Junk Drawer


United States Strategic Aerospace Forces

United States Air Force

▶ Areas of Responsibility ◀

  • Continental air defense using fighters, dedicated interceptors (both endo and exo atmospheric), surface to air missiles, or strategic grade special weapon installations.

  • Strategic strikes against hostile nation states, organizations, or single actors utilizing either long range fixed wing craft, surface to surface weapon systems, or stand off air launched munitions.

  • Strategic global transport of its own logistical needs and those of other United States military branches and civil entities when needed. Typically employing rotary, fixed wing, or the recently arriving gravitic repulsion platforms derived from new technologies.

  • On demand sub-orbital intelligence gathering via ELINT, photo reconnaissance, or IWAR platforms, often of the hypersonic variety.

▶ Notable Systems and Equipment ◀

  • F-1000 'Raven' Endo/Exo Atmospheric Capable Interceptor
  • F-1002 'Eagle II' Long Range Air Dominance Fighter
  • F/A-1003 'Sabre II' Multi-Role Strike Fighter
  • B-90 'Peacemaker' Long Range Modular Strategic Strike Bomber
  • B-92 'Havoc' Long Range Penetration Bomber
  • U-7 'Corvus' Hypersonic Intelligence Gathering Platform
  • E-12 'Watchman' AWACS
  • C-22 'Reliant' Modular Logistical Fixed Wing 8-Engine Platform
  • C-24 'Commando II' Modular Logistical Fixed Wing 4-Engine Platform
  • Modular Logistical Superheavy Gravitic Repulsion Platform
  • Modular Logistical Medium Gravitic Repulsion Platform

United States Space Forces

United States Aerospace Strategic Strike Group

Strategic Bases

Fairchild Air and Space Installation

Edwards Air and Space Installation

Hickham Air and Space Installation

Mountain Home Joint Complex

Tonopah Joint Complex

Theater Bases

Strike Base Cannon

Strike Base Davis-Monthan

Strike Base Holloman

Strike Base Malmstrom

Strike Base McChord

Strike Base Peterson

Strike Base Travis

Secondary Base

Special Purpose Complexes

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