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Current Year
2789 A.D.

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Solar Confederacy
United American Starzone
Anglo Confederation
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Coalition of Progressive People's Systems
Koalitsiya Sistem Progressivnykh Narodov

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Lighthouse Protectorate

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Kannon-class Project K744 Guided Missile Frigate

The Kannon-Class Guided Missile Frigate also known as the Project K744 GMF is a escort-tonnage warship serving as the standard frigate of the Colonial Pact Trade Alliance powers and as a commercially available combat platform in use with various security forces and private entities albeit in a non-military configuration.

Designed from the ground up to provide more utility than merely a warship, she is capable of both carrying her own complement of strikecraft. Additionally up to a battalion of troops can be carried in various configurations with the capability to deploy them to the surface and support them once in action with various orbit to surface weapon systems. However she still retains the ability to operate as a fleet combatant with a mixed array of weapons available to her including long range anti-ship torpedoes and missile systems, both kinetic and plasma based direct fire weapons, and a powerful suite of passive and active decoys and jamming systems. These features aiding in her primary role as a fleet escort vessel.

Data and Statistics

Kannon-Class Guided Missile Frigate
General Information
Vessel TypeSpace Guided Missile Frigate
ManufacturerOppon Shipyards and Foundry Group (OSF)
Production5,000+ as of 2789 A.D.
Fielded ByAll Colonial Protocol Nations and various civil and private security organizations.
Introduced2618 A.D.
Length643.9 m
Beam222 m
Height177 m
Decks/Sections10 Main Decks
4 Main Ship Sections
Vehicle Complement
30 Meter Sub-Craft Handling Slots 15
70 Meter Sub-Craft Handling Slots 3
Ground Vehicle Slots 10
Performance and Range
Space Time Fold Mechanism0.45 Ly Per Hour
Trans-Dimensional Shunt Drive0.34 AU per Minute
Sublight Acceleration0.05c per Minute
Maximum Steerage Speed of 0.4c
Effective Rangea
Escape Systems
Lifepods(60x) Three Person Lifepods
Escape Ships(20x) Twenty Person Escape Ships
Crew Complement
Crew25 Officers
150 Crew
Aircrew45 Aircrew
Ground Forces/Ship Security DetachmentStandard Detachment of 65 Troopers
Space for up to 650 Troops
Total285 Personnel Standard Crew Detachment


Primary Armaments

Spinal Weapon

ML-DaK'55 408mm Heavy Compressed Plasma Cannon

x1 - Bow Mounted

Main Battery

KHG 80N3/V2 20.8cm Rapid Cycle Compressed Plasma Cannon

x10 - Twin Gun Turret Mounts

Secondary Battery

OAP 92N78 15cm Semi-Automatic Rail Cannon

x10 - Twin Gun Turret Mounts, typically retracted into the hull when not in use.

Point Defense

Primary Point Defense

55A17-701 'Molniya' Mixed Munition Air Defense Complex

x5 - These are mounted on retractable turret mounts, typically recessed when not in use.

DEW Point Defense

ML-DaK'48 'Zaphir' 150 Megawatt FEL X-Ray Point Defense Laser System

x4 - Solid state emitters under semi-retracted armored covers, typically recessed when not in use.

Launchers and Munitions


3x Missile Packs
The CPML Type A is a standardized missile package oriented on anti-fighter and anti-missile capabilities of the SN900V 'Sapphire-M' Standard Space to Space Missile. These systems can also be used against surface targets and can serve in the light long range anti-ship role albeit with limited ability due to their smaller mass and warhead size.
30 Missiles Per Container, 10 Containers per Pack
Full Standard Load of up to 600 Missiles


1x Missile Pack
The CPML Type B is a standardized package oriented on the long range anti-ship S700V 'Moojeni' missile system, a heavy and large weapon intended for use against cruisers and other capital ships it has various warhead and attack configurations and can be used against surface targets and orbital infrastructure.
3 Missiles Per Container, 10 Containers per Pack
Full Standard Load of up to 30 Missiles

Molniya Missile Component

A direct fire system capable of operating automatically and independently from the ship's fire control system, it is part of the Molniya point defense complex and consists of twelve Atrop type short range missiles in two pairs of six on either side of the gun system. These are primarily employed to both increase the range of the system and increase the chance of a kill. Once expended the complex must rotate to a specific position to allow reloading arms the twelve seconds it takes to refeed the twelve tube launchers.
12 Missiles per Complex Ready to Use, Two combat ready spare loads.
Total of 60 Missiles Ready Use with 120 in ready combat reserve.

Shipboard Primary Systems

  • 2x KGR-KM45 Solid Fuel Lithium Fusion Reactors
  • 2x 43E4RT-OSF-G4 Radiothermal Power Packs
  • 4x 50E4EP-KGR-N2 Large Capacity Callenite Power Packs
  • 4x OSF-RD-202 Fusion Pulse Propulsion Drives
  • 1x 9D4-OSF-C Electro-Gravitic Repulsion Drive
  • 90B4-KGR-2V Integrated Fleet Communications Node and Local Area Data Support System
  • 25B4-OSF-8B Subspace 'Dip' Antenna
  • Light Integrated Fleet Defense System
  • Passive ELINT System
  • Full Hyperspectral Optical Suite
  • Spacetime Sensor Suite
Data Systems
  • Dual Core Quantum Computer
  • Shipwide Support Mainframe
  • AI Support Suite
Electronic Warfare
  • Standard Active Spectral/Electromagnetic Jammer Suite
  • 8x Starship Decoys
  • 14x Chaff Launchers
  • Passive IR/EM Threat Detection Suite

Shipboard Protection Systems

Armor Profile
  • Primary Hull Plating
  • Internal Spall Liners
  • Critical Area Plating
  • Rad Protection
Shield Systems
  • 'Hard' EM Field Generator
  • Ablative Plasma Field

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