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2789 A.D.

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PrB-90 'Stangerakete' Battle Rifle

General Information

The PrB-90 'Stangerakete' is a ten millimeter electromagnetic linear battle rifle used by the Helsegan sphere in both its military and civil security forces officially, unofficially it a rather expensive weapon purchased by higher end private military groups and end users.

The baseline and largest variant of the Stangerakete family of weapons, it along with its sub-variants is chambered in the VrB-155 10x65mm family of electromagnetic projectiles.

Feeding from a 75 round semi-motorized helicoil magazine the rifle has a programmable rate of fire with a standardized rate of 950 rounds per minute in automatic mode and 2,200 RPM in three or two round burst. This ROF combined with a advanced recoil mitigation system and a large caliber round make this weapon and its derivative systems hard hitting weapons. It features an internal 'smart-link' system that can link to personal electronic suites and share linkages with attached optics or other electronic systems via a top rail mount and an underside modular attachment point for either grenade or missile launching systems.

However the weapon has two major drawbacks, the first being its high cost (a common feature of Helsegan weapon systems) and a fairly high weight caused by both its size and the general complexity of the weapon. As such it is primarily seen in the hands of more well trained troops or those equipped with exo-suit systems where weight is not an issue.

Service and Production History
  • In Service
    832 N.C.C.
  • Manufacturer
    Rostov & Kriegler Armaments (RKA)
  • Produced (Estimated)
    831 N.C.C. Onwards
  • Average Cost
    950 CC (New) 820 CC (Used)
Controls and Notable Features
  • Ambidextrous charging handle for manually cycling the weapon's bolt and loading system.
  • Screw in green battery pack located in the pistol grip.
  • Magazine release located just below the trigger.
  • Battery condition and ammunition counter located on both sides of the weapon forward of the trigger group.
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