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The World of Eideon
Current Year
839th Imperial Year

2789 A.D.

The Ancient Eras
10,000 BC to 1600 A.D.

The Catastrophe
1610 A.D. to 1800 A.D.

The Renewed Era
1800 A.D. to 2789 A.D.

The Abyssal Curse Era
2765 A.D. to Current Year


The Cascadium Campaign


I-DAY and the War for Cascadium

I-Day 05.20.2789 WED

  • Morning
    Roughly 6:30 AM at Dawn
    • The threshold object/gate is opened for its second time as the first battalion sized unit of scouts and engineers of the Molian Cabal emerge from the Eideon side in the early hours of the morning. They are roughly ten kilometres to the east of the town of Dorvan Farms. The first begins to spread out and confirm what the first batch of scouts documented while the latter begins to prepare the area for the second wave of forces and their logistical needs.
  • Around 7:30 AM
    • The next wave of mostly light, horseback, and motorized infantry pushes through with heavy logistical items (food, ammunition, additional personnel including camp followers) whom slip in to establishing their base camp in this new world.
    • NOTE: Among them is the son of the Provis of the Molian Province and his dark elf advisor.
  • Around 8:45 AM
    • Despite the local commander's insistance to hold while more forces arrive the young Molian lord insists on taking a small contigent into the nearby settlement spotted by the first wave of scouts (Dorvan Farms). He departs with his advisor, thirty riders armed with self-loading rifles, and ten Dumauri scouts on foot.
  • 10:20 AM
    • The party arrives in two main groups, the first composed of the young lord, his advisor, and a contingent of ten men on horse back filter up the main dirt track of the town. Surprised at the overall level of technology around them in the form of electric lights, displays, vehicles, that are only really seen in the nicer parts imperial cities. The other groups filter in with smaller elements slowly making their way through the outlying homes and buildings, some committing acts of petty theft.
  • 10:30 AM - General Store Confrontation
    • By now the main group as garnered the attention of the population present, most standing in store fronts or in front of vehicles openly gawking at the strange figures that seem out of place and time. Finally the 'son' dismounts and wanders into a general store where he proceeds to generally cause issue (opening food containers, snatching and pocketing things) and when confronted has a physical altercation with the store owner (bash in the head? Stabbing?).

  • Mid-Day
    11:00AM to 5:00PM
    First Contact at Dorvan Farms
    • A party of ten riders include two Dumauri scouts rides into the town of Dorvan Farms while the rest investigate the outer edges of the community and the farms that extend outward in a radial pattern.
    • A Rothian Count encounters a local business owner and a small dispute over an item taken occurs, combined with a language barrier it leads to an altercation. The count is shot by a local and a small fight breaks out and nearby law enforcement is called from the town of Moriski. A few of the scouts are taken down and captured.
      • NOTE: Perhaps he claims the town as part of his new dominion?
      • Incident Casualties
        • Cascadium: 1 Dead, 1 Wounded
        • IFOR: 3 Dead, 2 Wounded
    • The scout force with the wounded Count fall back, taking a mother with her son and daughter back as hostages.
  • Evening
    6:00PM to 11:00PM
    Battle of the Cairn River
    • Cascadium Marshals arrive in town with some local Sheriffs from Moriski.
    • A group of volunteers and a deputy scout up the river valley and run into the leading elements of a more focused combat force with some vehicles. A minor firefight ensues in which the group manages to get away in a patrol pickup.
      • NOTE: Fight takes place on a trail/logging road near Cairn River.
      • Incident Casualties
        • Cascadium: 1 Wounded
        • IFOR: 4 Wounded
    • The Marshals and Sheriffs order the evacuation of the town when the pickup radios in the contact, by the time they return a small barricade of LE vehicles and debris has been put on the road into town from that direction. It is manned by LEOs and volunteers all looking to hold the invaders off as the town evacuates down the road to Moriski. By late evening the leading elements of the IFOR's forward forces are in sight.
  • Late Evening
    12:00AM to 4:00AM
    Battle of Dorvan Farms
    • An elven mage rides up to the main barricade under a white flag and demands the surrender of those present, by this point the town is surrounded on three sides with the last of the population having to flee overland to the south with sheriffs and marshals keeping the way open from small probing operations. A Cascadium marshal in defacto control subdues her using non-lethal equipment.
    • 3:15 AM First Attack
      • The first attack, a frontal one using infantry and light vehicles with automatic weapons begins. While both sides are armed the more advanced personal gear of the LEO force enables them to have an edge in the night time fighting but they are few in number and are pushed out of the town center. The IFOR pulls back to the north eastern edge of town and regroups as reinforcements arrive all the while the last of the towns population slips out.
      • NOTE: Town of Davenport OK for building/road plan same compass layout.
      • Incident Casualties
        • Cascadium: 8 KIA, 15 Wounded
        • IFOR: 27 KIA, 35 Wounded
    • 4:00 AM Final Attack
      • A battalion sized motorized force rides into the northern and eastern areas of town before pushing on the defenders with some light vehicle support. Heavy fighting breaks out as the remaining LEOs and volunteers pull out to the south, the mage among them. Some forces stop and begin to loot while a mercenary outfit begins to pursue along with more focused forces leading to a pursuit battle.
      • *Incident Casualties
        • Cascadium: 12 KIA, 5 Wounded
        • IFOR: 32 KIA, 65 Wounded

I-Day +1 05.21.2789 THUR

I-Day +4 05.24.2789 SUN

Meta Plot Events

  • A single tactical nuclear device in the 10 kiloton range is detonated over the mechanized core of the IFOR in the very early hours of the morning. Estimated destruction of 1/8th of the IFOR's forces and nearly a third of their mechanized assets.

Eideonite Invasion Force Activites

Cascadium Surface Force Activites

Recurring Characters

I-Day +19

Meta Plot Events

  • Arrival of the 230th Assault Fleet Group and its six assault carriers into the Cascadium system from the Sorona Star System.

I-Day +20

Meta Plot Events

  • OPERATION UTAH - Two vessels of the 230th move into low orbit and proceed to drop their two battalions of Anglo-American Marines onto the Gate site in the early morning hours. One is a heavy infantry unit and the other is a mechanized shock unit, both combined overpower the site's defenders and the heavy infantry battalion moves through the gate and secures the otherside.
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