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Current Year
2789 A.D.

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Nations and Entities

Anglo-American Union

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Principality of Sita'Ka


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At the moment this is in spitball form and obviously will be tweaked toward something more akin to novel writing.

The Verse of Arieg - Main Page

Effectively this is a catchment for my various creative urges across writing, artwork, and general world and setting creation. This setting and wiki in general will probably never be finished due to the nature of such things, however for now the ground work is still being laid so pardon the noise and hardhats!

General History and Setting Overview

The setting is effectively a vast area of partially terraformed worlds oriented around an alien created super-fast FTL gate network. The idea being that the race that created the area and made it so habitable died out before their project and possibly new homeland could be completed and thus automated systems finished the job. Humanity in need of a new home moved in (after rendering earth into a radioactive dust ball and blasting most of the habitats in the solar system into radioactive wreckage), squabbled a bit over the best real estate and at some point 'woke up' one of these systems. Of course those colonists that did where never heard from again.

Those batch of unfortunates are of course the source of the setting's space elves, the Ev'chen. A mixture of synthetic DNA and human they are intended to pacify and then uplift the humans residing in the zone the old fashion way via mingling. The sub idea of this being there is a psionic vulnerability that will make them somewhat obedient toward the creator race's constructs and the ancient aliens themselves should any fall out of the woodwork. Of course for the Ev'Chen spreading this gift to the humans is nearly a religious drive.

These hybrids emerge some years after those colonists vanish, equipped with weapons more advanced than humanity's own and manage to take a good chunk of the starzone with its human occupants intact before the combined human powers rally and stop them. This obviously sets the stage for a cold war.

The Great Inter-Solar War (2205 A.D.)

Effectively a full scale world war three style nuclear exchange only on the scale of the solar system. It was fought between the various remaining nation states, various socio-economic megablocs, and various corporate entities. Virtually every celestial body was involved or hit with weapons of mass destruction. The only thing that saved humanity was an experimental FTL drive and barely enough surviving assets that weren't found or destroyed in the fighting.


The Sundala Starzone

The Awakening of the Ev'Chen

Another Cold War

Existing Factions

Anglo-American Union of Star Systems

Federation of Progressive Eurasian Colonies

East-Asian Conglom Alignment

Principality of Sita'Ka

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